Naughtiness of the channels

Sab TV is an entertainment channel. A comedy serial comes on that 'FIR'. On 22nd October story at 9.30 pm at the end of the story a scene was shown as an unkown person calls a lady police inspector and says he wants to kill her, if she dares can come at the top of so and so building. That lasy accepts the challenge and reached there wearing a bullet proof jacket. That person takes position in a bush and fires bullets on her. She falls down, then camera focus is again on the attcker who smiles at his success. There isnothing special till this point. The special thing is to watch when he smiles on his right dome of rock and its minarette are shown. That means viewers see killer belongs to which religion. In the second part of the story killer tells the reason of this action. He says to lady police officer "I wanted to kill you because you have kept my terrorist brother captive, and there he got punishment to be hanged to death." And that is how the story is clear that not only the person being punished is terrorist but also his borther is his suporter and accepts that his brother is a terrorist.

The way of showing identity
The thing here to be noted is the way of showing the killer and shwoing identitiy of the terrorist. Genrally terrorists names are shown which represents their religious identity.. the same thing could have been here when that person says " my terrorist brother.." Here too any muslim name could have been taken. But instead of doing this a mean technique is used. And this did not happen for the first time. This technique is being used on channels since a long time. Some time ago in kolkatta sarav gangoli's baby daughter was kidnapped and kidnappers asked a big amount of money. This was the obvious case of seeking money and kidnappers could be of any group, but atleast two channels tried their best to prove it the act of 'islamic atankwadi', in a suspense way showed it as a terror group of mumbai. To make strong point of their stand channel sheapishly showed the beared, turbine and a poster of quranic verses with a gun showed repeatedly as no one should have a doubt as what religion kidnappers belong to.

The lash of the accusation of terrorism
Terrorism accusation lash the muslims of india are tolerating since years and being patient. Evuil wishers for this purpose fabricate new ways and new terms. To break and pain out heart and soul 'Islamic terrorism' term was not enough that now by displaying our holy places with the news our hearts are being crushed. It is because we are helpless today. We don't know as if those organizations, institutions and individuals know these satabnic techniques, who are moving around organizing conference against the terrorism and who have the same concept of terrorism as here government, police and secret service agencies, fascist forces and evil wishing media had fabricated. It is the need of the hour that sensible, and coscientuous circles come forward. Sense the tensed situation and make a strategy. A form of action is that legal notice of these type of naughtiness be taken and legal action against them be taken. Against this channel and its program 'FIR' an FIR be booked in different police offices. Then also this be remembered that this is not just any local way of fabricating these things. There is some one whom they are trying to please by doing this.
04/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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