Why the collective system of Zakat?

To understand the mandatory zakat and the wisdom behind it, firstly the beleif of Islam be refreshed in mind which demands a complete way of life. The religion of Islam guarantees the salvation of this world and the hereafter for entire mankind and presents the solution for all those problems which occur in human life by debating it all.
Individual and collective both. Among the necessities of life the economic problem is the biggest problem of human life. Islam takes account of it considerably but with complete balance and justice.
Considers people's skill, ability, hardwork, neceesity, inability and helplessness everything. Zakat is an important part of Islam's economic principle. Spitrit of this is that "take money from rich and give it out to poor and needy."
Also "the wealth should not just be struck in hands of your rich." The ways of both giving and taking are set as well. In the belief this measure has been taken as the giver should not think as if he is doing any favour. The same way there should not be any inferiority or feeling of gratefulness by the one who takes. In both of them if there is any sense of gratefullness that should be only for the God Allah. Then the purpose of zakat is made certain by the collective system of zakat. But it is obvious that to act upon that is the responsibility of Ummah. But right now the situation is such that, because of the time factors and the disintegration of ummah where very other collective matters of Islam are affected , the same way zakat spirit is also affected. The concept of Islamic collectiveness was shaded after the Khilafat-e-Rashida itself. And by the time Islam reached the land of India, zakat has been just left as an individual act. Where as like the collective prayer the giving zakat also demands the collective system. Here everyone is aware of the importance and advantages of praying collectively but unaware of the importance and significance of paying zakat collectively. Those who even strictly follow the prayers collectively, do not pay attention towards the collective system of zakat. Very interesting but unfortunate situation it is. Every praying individual knows that praying alone is valid but praying together is definitely something special. But this simple point is not understood that paying zakat alone makes it valid but the wisdom behind paying it collectively is something special. Whereas everyone can notice that establishing prayer and giving zakat came simultaneously in Quran. Actually the importance and wisdon of collective zakat can not be explained until the concept of islamic collectiveness is not readily understood well in mind. The same way the value and price of the Islamic economics system can not be confidently presented to non-muslims until we ourselves understand it very well.

The necessities of human life, specially for the solution of economic problem, people in every era in the history are seen worried and striving. In the recent era the solution was presented as the distribution of wealth should be equal. And an agency to control this should exist at international level or atleast at country level. Contrary to that another solution was presented as those who are already rich try to make more money and for that purpose utilize those who do not have wealth. Then pay to anyone of them whatever is desired. However the hold over the wealth will be theirs. If the first solution is unnatural , inavlid and immoral, the second one is exploiting and cruel. But this is unfortunate for the world that few big economic and military powers have imposed this second solution on the world. All countries are helpless infront of that. Then it is not just this capitalistic solution just exploits humans economically but also the moral anrchy, vulgarism, shamelessness, disgracefulness , and exploitation of women are the components of this economics system. In the whole world no one except Islam has the skill and courage to challenge this satanic system of economics. That is why by the blessed muslim economists the efforts are being made to introduce the Islamic banking or interest free banking. But the first step of introducing this should be the easy and practical collective system of zakat which is ofcourse related to muslim ummah, but this is the best way of witnessing unto mankind as well. Mohammed Younus of Bangladesh with the experiment of micro economics attarcted the entire world, in the same manner in the whole country india or in any state by successfull experiment of collective system of zakat the world can be attarcted towards the blessings of Islamic collectiveness. The sincere practise on any of the Islamic ruling is the witness unto mankind and in today's world, to free up and for protecting the common people from interest based cruel and exploiting system, attarcting them towards the principles of Islamic economics is an effective means of witness unto mankind.

Like the required collectiveness in Islam , the concept of collective zakat has also become strange in this country. So to attarcat and explain this scholars have to work hard. Few people by referring to the unislamic government mention the practical difficulties. Few big madarsah administrators also fear that if the central baitul mal is established, the income for madarsahs will be affected. One more concern is that for this great responsibility the required honest workers and volunteers can not be found. These concerns are not just baseless. There is sense in these concerns. Thus the scholars calling for collective system should provide satisfactory answers for this, which surely they can do. Similarly those people who are concerned in this regard, by taking into consideration the great benefit of the religion and ummah at large, should give a second thought. The collective system of zakat can not be unjust towards the deserving parties. If any institution deserves the complete dependence on zakat, then this consideration will be there in baitul mal in the light of shariah. Apart from other benefits and blessings the collective system of zakat will be the source of unity and integrity of the nation in this country.
Inshallah God willing.

This special issue of Seh Roza Dawat is intended to attract scholars , thinkers and writers and to the muslim nation through them, towards the collective system of zakat, but in a way that all issues be in front. Any weighty objection, concern be not ignored. In the ev of Ramadhan (1430 H / 2009) When the practising people of ummah do charity , donations and pay zakat, educating them about the fundamental wisdom of zakat, Inshallah God willing would be beneficial. And it will give good results. In this regard, the readers expressions and scholars opinion and suggestions will be given space in Seh Roza Dawat.

22/08/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT Special Issue, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


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