Advise of the honourable judges

Those who are concerned by vulgar, abusive and immoral programs of the entertainment channels, Delhi high court solved their problem in just one sentence. If they act on the high court's advise they can get rid of the trouble immediately. Not only that, they could even regret on their unawareness untill now, as why such a practical, useful and actful thought why they did not get before. More over the solution for the problem should have come by itself to them, for that the honourable judges have to bother unnecessarily. And that solution is that " If you do not like the program you just turn off your T.V. monitoring morality is not our job." Surely it is very useful and practical solution. Lakhs of people immediately should take advantage of it. A Delhi high court bench comprising two honourable judges advised this on 29th July rejecting two petitions in which it was demanded to ban two T.V. programs by naming them as vulgar, abusive and against the Indian culture and civilization. Honourable Judges said, "We do not think that our moral values are so weak that a T.V. program can harm them."

Aim of these programs
Every contious and informed citizen of the country is aware that on one hand very beneficial, useful, edudcational and informative programs run on .T.V., at the same time flood of misleading reports, immoral programs is there as well. At one side the News channels report some particular events with full of suspense, on the other hand entertainment channels present vulgar programs in the name of culture. Never ending advertisement knock independently. Every civilized family is fed-up with this situation. To watch one news bulletin or any useful program viewers have to tolerate much more. T.V. channels do this to increase their TRP , to collect unlimited wealth and to over take competing channels. That is why the vulgarness of T.V. channels is increasing day by day. It was reaching to its height in a program being presented in the name of Truth. That is why some viewers complained in high court against that, but by hearing the court advise, everyone might have cheered up. One more interesting thing whihc honourable judges have said, was that "whenever high court give any judgement in regard to morality, supreme court ruled it out." Means it fears that even if it gives any judgement, supreme court will reject it, thus, better to not give any judgement at all.

The justification of the advise
If this advise is seen in its justifiability, then it should be implemented to other things as well. If a liquor store is opened in your community, if you do not want to buy it, just pass by silently, do not protest it. If any prostitution around, you keep away from it but do not try to stop any one else as it is an issue of freedom for people. If any channel is spreading hatred against your religion, your cast or your like, then turn off the T.V. or change the channel. Over all it is an enlarged and meaningful advise and it is quite according to the culture which is growing speedily in the country. This should be seen in the same context in which a judgement given by the Delhi high court in case of homosexuality. Its link is with sexual education in educational institutions too. When these questions can be asked with young children by educating them, why can't they be asked from adults on the T.V. channels. This is all common in western countries. Because they are developped countries. Now when our country is also going to be counted in the developped countries, it should adopt all those values, styles and manners which are necessary for progress. It is one of the requirements of the Globalization that accepting all evils of western world as virtues, should be adopted. And the rulers of our country are doing the same. Let us see further what else happens.
04/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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