Arab World Awaiting Change

Arab world which is at present divided into small fragments was once upon a time a world reeved into political unity but today it is a tragedy that this world is happy over these fragments just because they are free. At this time the Arab world is a vast area consisting of 25 independent countries and regions. If today they acquire the form of political oneness then according to total land area they can become the second largest region after Russia because at present it’s total area is more than 14 million square kilometre. Whole of the European continent is also lesser than this in area, Europe’s area is 10.4 million square kilometre. It is even bigger than Canada(10millon square kilometre), China(9.67million square kilometre), Unites States of America(9.6million square kilometre) and Brazil(8.7million square kilometre). It is also spread throughout the different continents meaning more than one dozen of it’s countries are in Asia and around one dozen in Africa. Population also is not less although it is not so dense that it can be said that there is population explosion. It’s collective population is about 35crores. This region is a suitable dwelling place. Here, there are opportunities for agriculture that is agricultural land is available here. It can be further improved too. There are various possibilities for this. This area is also rich in mineral resources. This region has been the cradle of tradition and culture. Most of the famous civilisations of the world originated from this land, as if it is the cradle of knowledge and awareness. But the situation at present is that it is an extremely backward region. At one point of time it guided and led mankind today it is devoid of it. Most of the countries are those where tyranny rules. No such thing as political freedom exists here. Although it is known as the region where money flows like water but on the other hand the condition is such that for every two out of five people the income is barely two dollars per day. The problems of poverty and unemployment are also present here and now this region is also facing a security threat. This is the region which in order to fulfil it’s agricultural needs that is food needs has to depend on others. Now the west has also started calling it as the factory for creating terrorists and has put a lot of pressure for it. For this reason all the efforts are utilised to put an end to this danger. The rulers here are also carrying out the same task. But it is said that this region within itself is taking the form of a volcano. The silence which is spread across the region is very dangerous which can be termed as the calm before the great storm. Some people term this silence as the precursor to a revolution.

The importance of Arab world in the eyes of America and other Western countries can be realised from the fact that this area has been the centre of attraction of these countries and a large part of their energies is being spent on them, reason is evident, at this time too America and other Western countries are keeping a close watch on the Arab world. In relation to Arab world’s political and economic conditions, tradition and culture, natural conditions and resources, the amount of research carried out by them is so vast that it is cannot be compared to what the Arab themselves would have even done rather it can be said that whatever Arabs know about themselves is the result of the efforts of these western countries. Since the last seven to eight years one of the United Nations agencies is investigating the Arab world. In the year 2000 work was started on this project which is still going on. It’s first report was published in 2002 which was named Arab Human Development Report, this year it’s fifth report was published. Every report highlights a special aspect. In the first report conditions were studied from the point view of how opportunities can be created for the coming Arab generations that is how can the future be made bright and illustrious for them. Naturally they themselves have created this bright and illustrious image of the future, this means, that is the way they want to see the new generation of the Arab world, and how they want them to move ahead. The third report was published in 2004. It’s central theme was Freedom in the Arab World. The theme itself shows that the people presenting the report say that there is no co-operation among the Arab world, there is no freedom, this is a vast field. This terminology in itself holds a big world. Here it is worth recollecting that former American President George Bush in his term in government had taken up the responsibility upon himself to establish democracy and freedom, for this too he used the terminology of freedom and democracy but what kind of democracy it was and how was the freedom, it can be realised from the fact that he continued to support and back all the non-democratic governments in the Arab countries rather if at any place, a situation of democratic revolution arose then it was strangled then and there. Earlier the second report published in 2003, had the theme Building a Knowledgeable Society as if it’s aim was to remodel such a society which was free of illiteracy in the Arab world. From this it can be clearly understood as to whom they are calling illiterate and what according to them is actually knowledge. The fourth report came out in 2005, it’s theme was Right of Women in the Arab World, this means it was ascertained from this report that the women in Arab world can be enlightened, here the western perspective of enlightenment should be kept in mind. After a break of four years this year the fifth series was released and it’s theme was Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries. In this regard the United Nation says that this is an invitation to the Arab scholars to study and understand and give thought to it and have also provided them with the required material and above that they have provided them the direction too.
04/08/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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