A hopeful news from Kerala

There is a news from Kerala that different muslim organisations and groups there agreed on having a common platform, and its goal will be solving those problems together which are equally important for all organisations and sects. In this regard, on 27th July in Kozikode a representative meeting of muslim leaders held. This was felt seriously that, for those common issues and problems which are related to the community irrespective of the group or sect, there should be collective effort for solution, and there should be a common platform established for this. Formulating the minimal common program was also insisted. According to the news portal "Two circles dot net" , among following issues, education and the educational institutions are mentioned in particular. It was felt in the sate whatever muslims have achieved in the field of education, there is planned campaign is being run to destroy it. Also the behaviour of left front government is prejudiced with minorities. In the meeting representatives from Muslim League, Keral nadwatul Mujahideen, Nadwatul Mujahideen Kerala, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, two groups of sunni organisations, Muslim education society, and muslim service society have participated.

A living desire of the muslim heart.
In the noise of meetings, sessions, tours, unity and agreements,which was during the first quarter of this year, not any big hope of common muslims did come true. Because that was just election noice, every leader and every group had its own agenda. It is not estimated as whatever hopeful results came, how much was the part of that noise and how much the sincere thinking of common muslim voters worked. Anyway this happened in politics and will keep happening. But there is no politics involvement right now in the news coming from Kerala. What is going to happen at the time of assembly elections, that is question for later. For now this looks a realistic and praticeable program. This is such a movement which is the voice of every muslim heart. By this news only muslim of Kerala will not cheer, but also the muslims of other state will whole-heartedly feel happy. Like Kerala, in other states, organisations and different sects situation is the same. And every where muslims wants the same, that all their organisations, groups and institutions work together. The fact is that this is the desire of muslim heart in the entire world.

What was Majlis-e-Mushawarat.
After reading this news of Kerala, many might have recalled the experiment of Muslim majlis-e-Mushawarat. In 1964 upon the initiative of few great and conscientious personalities, Muslim majlis-e-Mushawarat was formed the same way. Circumstances were daunting. In many cities the terrifying riots took place. The situation was nervy. The need for organisations and community leaders sitting and their collective effort was insistingly felt. Thus, Dr Syed Mahmood, Moulana Muhammad Muslim, Mufti Ateequr Rehman Usmani, Moulana Abulhasan Ali Nadvi, Moulana Manzoor Noumani, Moulana Abul lais Islahi, Mulla Jaan Muhammad, Dr Abdul Jaleel Fareedi (May allah shower mercy on them) and few other painstaking personalities rose and gathered in Lucknow, and formed Mushawarat. While looking on, this movement spread all over the country. Leaders tours and programs used to be very inspiring. Everywhere even non-muslim personalities were supporting too. This inspiring situation was till the starting of 1967 but after that this was disrupted by the announcement of the general elections. The story later on, is very sorrowful. That situation never came back_______ after years now this cheerful news came from Kerala. If this effort of Kerala is kept within the announced and agreed program and not let to be affected by election politics, it would be a great achievement of Kerala Muslims and muslims of other states surely will get light from it.
07/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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