Where is the Nation Heading to?

Ongoing investigations related to the Gujarat riots have constantly brought forward evidences implicating the Gujarat government, its Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and state’s responsible officials. Testaments of ex-police officers as well as in-service personnel have also come to the fore. Apart from the political importance of these statements, the team probing the incidents of the Gujarat riots has also registered them. The issue of the lady minister Kodnani’s involvement has already gone far enough. In the same way evidences regarding the Malegaon bomb blasts are in government records now, they have been included in the charge-sheet being prepared and have acquired the status of a court document through which the world came to know about the plans of the revival of the Hindutva ideology and the people behind the movement.
The most dangerous aspect of this is the discovery about efforts to establish a parallel system in the country amounting to rebellion. The whole nation appears to be on the brink of an explosion. This seditious attitude has gone to the extent where the promoters of the ideology find their own people being obstacles in their way - who they feel are the cause of the delay in the realization of their dreams and wishes. Therefore they have decided to eliminate such people who according to them are hesitant in their stance and display cowardice by counselling them to act wisely.
These incidents have proved the prevalence of this thought process in different sectors. The army has denied the existence of such forces in its fold although it is a bit difficult to believe this in the light of the army officers arraigned in the wake of Malegaon blasts.
Various hues of this fascist thinking have been exposed which shows that apart from the known groups there are many others who are involved. These ‘others’ are not affiliated to any important groups and this is a cause of grave concern. Their non affiliation gives them license to do whatever they want at any time they choose.
Another dangerous aspect of this phenomenon is the spread of weapons in society. The culture of harassing and terrifying particular communities/sections through blatant display and use of arms initiated by the known groups has become a dangerous trend being followed by anyone who wishes to do so.
No doubt, the fault lies with the people who started this but the blame also goes to those who tolerated this drift giving it their tacit approval. They are now beginning to realize the downside of the gun culture.
Initially, it was embarked by people with a particular frame of mind and people with a specific mindset quietly accepted, rather spread it. But its dangerous implications were comprehended only when it became a much sought after way of attaining objectives.
It’s getting increasingly difficult, perhaps impossible to control this trend.

Editor:Parvaz Rahmani, sehroza DAWAT, 28thFeb09 translated by: Salma Nazir, Riyadh

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  1. Where these people will take this Nation. It is the responsiblity of every citizen to act immediately. This trend will not only effect a perticular community but a nation as a whole.