Criminal In The Clutches Of Law

In connection with the anti Muslim terrorism in Gujarat in 2002, after Banjara etc, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court has now arrested the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kirisitsinh Edra of Bulsar. The DSP is accused of negligence of his official duties as well as concealing evidence.

This is the first time a police officer has been arrested by a team appointed by the Supreme Court. In February 2002, during the anti Muslim Hindutva terrorist activities, Edra was stationed as an inspector in the Meghani Nagar police station. He has been arrested in connection with the attack by Hindutva activists on Gulbarg Society, in which a former Congress Member of Parliament Mr. Ehsan Jafri, together with 39 others were burnt alive. The SIT had questioned 6 police officers together with Edra regarding the mass killings of Muslims.

Confirming the arrest of Edra, SIT Chief R.K.Raghavan said, ‘’Before arresting him, we had gathered a list of evidence against him.’’

Indicating the arrest of other police officers in the near future, SIT Chief further stated that nothing can be ruled out and many others would soon be taken into custody. At the time when the FIR was lodged in Gulbarg Society, Edra himself was one of the complainants. As the police station in charge there, he had filed the FIR, but had not taken any steps to stop the mass killings.

On the contrary, reports from the residents of that area show that he was inciting the Hindutva activists to attack Gulbarg Society. It is a proven fact that he did not take any steps to disperse the activists and save the Muslims living in the society during the hours long siege, threats and chaos, perpetrated by the activists as he himself was a part of the Hindutva forces.

The Gujarat Chief Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi together with other ministers, the BJP, RSS and especially leaders of the VHP were fully involved in this great act of ‘Ahimsa’ wherein they had high intentions of annihilating the 8% Muslims of the state. They had the government and its complete machinery at their back having no qualms about their duties nor any fear of the law. They didn’t have a streak of humanity in him.

People who were against killing animals and insects were involved in the mass murder of humans and moreover were happy that theirs was an act service to their religion, culture and ideology.

They talk about their belief in Hinduism, about heaven and hell and rebirth after death, but they did not even for a second think about their accountability to their Lord, Bhagwan or Ishwar, nor about the fact that God is Just and Fair.

They considered themselves to be above the law, because as uniformed personnel, they themselves were the custodians of law, responsible for its implementation.

They were confident of the fact that even if the law proved to be an obstacle in their path, they had the backing of the state government, the judiciary that was involved in the murder of justice, the Hindutva forces as well as judges who in a single verdict could set free 40 accused at a time.

For more than quarter a century this genocide of Muslims has continued without affecting the Hindutva terrorists in any way. After every riot, inquiry commissions and committees were set up, but rarely did any report come forward, and even if a report was submitted, never was it implemented. On the contrary, Muslims were searched, lathi charged, fired with live ammunition, arrested and charge-sheeted.

Muslims would do nothing except lament over their fate as usual since they lacked courage and confidence and had no one to turn to.

In such a situation, after taking the oath of allegiance to secularism, the constitution and law, why would the Hindutva forces fear anyone or anything in their march towards destruction? They were fearless and ruthless.

Investigations of the SIT also indicate involvement of ADGP M.K.Tandon, former DCP P.B. Gondlia, SP K.K. Mysorewala, V.S. Golhal and former Assistant Commissioner M.T. Rana together with K G Edra.

The outcome is awaited.

Editor:Parvaz Rahmani, sehroza DAWAT, 13th Feb09 translated by: Salma Nazir, Riyadh

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