A Dangerous Trend

Referring to the enquiry on the Malegaon blasts, the army chief, General Deepak Kapoor has denied the presence of a network of communal elements in the Indian Army.
This enquiry has resulted in the arrest of serving officer Colonel Purohit and other retired officers whose confessional statements have not only been recorded by the enquiry team but have also been included in the charge sheet submitted to the court. Investigations were based on these confessions and many former officers arrested on the statement of Colonel Purohit.
Questions are being raised in government as well as non-government circles and especially in the media about communal tendencies developing in the army. Such allegations have been vehemently denied earlier too and now government sources clearly state that Colonel Purohit’s is an exceptional case and that such a mentality is not found in the army. Therefore this particular case should not be taken as a basis to malign the army nor to demean its credibility, as this will have an adverse effect on the army.
Once again General Deepak Kapoor has reiterated the absence of communal forces in the army. He has also declared that the army itself would very soon start proceedings against Colonel Purohit so that the possibilities of growth of such communal tendencies can be nipped in the bud. During investigations in the Malegaon bomb blasts, for the first time, aspersions were cast on a top official and Colonel Purohit was taken into custody on charges of being involved in it.
Statements against the accused that have come to fore in this regard are really dangerous and give clear evidence that this is not an ordinary incident but a deep conspiracy. Testimonies bring to light a well laid out plan for mass scale killing and destruction as well as targeting the top brass, including leaders of the RSS and the BJP.
Surprisingly, the people who plotted the killings had notions about these leaders being a hindrance in the making of a Hindu Rashtra or responsible for the delay in the fulfillment of their dreams.
These arrests and confessions have all proved the involvement of people from different strata of society which include professional experts from the army as well as religious leaders.
Another point of concern is that these people do not belong to any one area or part of the country, but are spread out in different corners of the nation. This gives an idea of the intense penetration of this mentality. One aspect of this is their highly dangerous rebellious attitude which is clear from the fact that for them there is no place for people who are doubtful or complacent even though they believe in the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra. This group believes in eliminating such people.
The question that arises is why did such a rebellious trend develop?
This in reality is the outcome of the politics based on hatred which is being propagated in the country for the past 20-25 years; one blatant expression of which was the demolition of the Babri Masjid.
This attitude is a byproduct of the Ram Janam Bhoomi movement which could not fulfill the promises made 20 years back and that has spread frustration among a large section of people who are now disillusioned by their leadership and have lost faith in them. Now, they seem to be taking things in their own hands.
Editor:Parvaz Rahmani, sehroza DAWAT,
10Feb09 translated by: Salma Nazir, Riyadh

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