These People’s Representatives!

Legislative, Judiciary and Executive are the three pillars of any state and on these depends its overall health. The working of the three pillars reflects the condition of a state. Those manning these three institutions will portray the conduct of the state and the government. If they are responsible and conscientious with a sense of service to the people the governmental machinery will resonate them. If they have shortcomings the working of the government cannot escape its consequences. The weaknesses can be in any person or he may catch these over time. But if he is aware of his weakness and has the will to overcome them, the weaknesses can not only be avoided but also be cured. And one can hope that the governmental machinery moves smoothly. But if the situation is just the opposite, there is little hope left for either avoiding the flaws or curing them. These will continue to spread and reach unimaginable proportions. Our country is unfortunately passing through this very state of affairs. All the three pillars of the state have become frail, some to the extent of beyond recovery. The legislative and the executive are in very bad state while the judiciary has also started decaying. The most dreadful aspect of this decadence is that citizens are increasingly losing hope of any improvement in the health of these institutions. The judiciary is though better than the other two, delay in getting justice greatly diminishes its very purpose. As such, this pillar has also started to lose its integrity and respect.

Legislative and Executive are in miserable shape. It can be noticed by its personnel sinking deeper and deeper in corruption. It has stripped them of whatever positive traits they might have possessed. They are credited with everything negative. Our heads bow in shame when we hear about their alleged misdeeds. According to a recent analysis released by National Election Watch (NEW) the image of the Legislative is dreadful and disgraceful. The NEW notes that 93 political parties are represented in the current parliament – some national and others regional and small. Eighteen of these parties have their MPs who bear a criminal look and are indicted for various criminal offences. For example, none of the five Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) members is free from an indictment. Seven out of twelve Shiv Sena members are facing criminal charges in courts. Five out of nine Nationalist Congress party members are tainted. Four out of eight Akali Dal party fall in the same category. So are eight out of nineteen belonging to Bahu Samaj party. Criminal proceedings are also in progress against three out of eight of JDU members, eleven out of twenty four of RJD, one out of three each of Forward Bloc and JD(S),eleven of thirty six of Samajwadi, three of ten of CPI, four of sixteen of DMK, one of four each of ADMK and Lok Jan Shakti, thirty nine out of one hundred and thirty eight from BJP, twenty six out of one hundred and forty five of Congress, seven of forty three of CPI(M) and one of eleven from Biju Janta Dal.

The condition of Executive is not much better from the Legislative because it is under direct control of the later. The image of the state and the government as a whole can easily be visualized from the whole picture.
Editor:Parvaz Rahmani, sehroza DAWAT, 25th Feb09 translated by: M H Zulqarnain , Riyadh

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