Mumbai-like news from Beijing

There is an interesting report from Beijing, the capital of China. By nature this is the same as was a report from Mumbai a few days ago, in which the Municipal Corporation approved a proposal to ask the Municipal Commissioner to get removed all female statues that are decorated with inner and short dresses of women for display. The cause of approval of the proposal was that such things cause sexual urge in youth as a result of which sexual crimes are committed in the city. – The news from Beijing is a step forward. The police officers and public transport authority there have issued a direction to women asking them not to step out of their homes in insufficient dresses like miniskirts and tight pants. Further that while passing through subways and on taking seats in buses they should cover themselves with newspapers, news magazines or their bags in a way that mischievous persons might not shoot their snaps with some wrong angle. Besides, Chinese women have also been told that they must not sit on upper seats in buses and to use only lower seats. This news from Beijing has been published in newspapers of 6 June with reference to the Chinese state newspaper, “China Daily”.

Difference between mindsets of Delhi and Beijing
This news from Beijing has come amidst the reports that, as in India, there too incidents of sexual harassment are on the increase. Like here, the officials there are also trying to contain these incidents. The only difference is that before adopting ways and means to contain these they consider the causes of the situation and try to put a stop on the sources of the crime. While the officials in our country are not for considering the causes; if they ever want to do so and sometimes they do, the civil society here does not let them do. If some responsible person says something in this direction then the people of society go after him. The westernized circles here are of the view that dress style of women, their lifestyle and their staying outside home till late night have nothing to do with sexual excesses. Criminals do this anyway. I don’t know whether this theory reached the Chinese officials, perhaps not. If reached, they have done one more good work by rejecting it.

Along with the congratulation

Now those who are sincere in containing sexual crimes in India should (1) congratulate the Chinese authorities on taking this move, (2) ask them via Internet as to why they took this Talibani measure, and why they hadn’t the fear that the world would condemn them, declaring their move as “Talibani”, obsolete and even “Islamic”, (3) ask them as to why they did not direct the women going outside their homes to use such dress as could cover them in a proper way and they do not need to take help of newspapers, news magazines and bags to cover themselves in order to keep themselves from the ogling of mischievous persons, their cameras and mobiles, (4) request them to send a delegation, if they can, to make the civil society here understand the appropriateness of their method and measures, and tell all those circles that do make much hue and cry on incidents of sexual excesses but do not pay attention to their causes why and how these things cause sexual brutality. No matter whether or not anyone would welcome the delegation, at least the members of Brahn Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the organization of civilized and modest girl students, G.I.O would definitely welcome it.
10/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  

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