Britain – First Picture

Two persons attacked a 20-year old British army man and beheaded him in a locality in Southern London on 22 May. This report was published in many newspapers including the Times of India on 23 May. This is the spirit of the news but the further details the newspapers say are that both the attackers were raising “Islamic slogans”; that is, they were “Islamic terrorists”. The police fired at them and admitted them in a hospital in injured condition. They are under police custody. Thereafter reports have kept on saying that anti-Muslim sentiments are spreading fast in entire Britain; there are also sporadic attacks on Muslims. The educated call it a war between Islam and the west. The Times of 26 May has published this report in somewhat detail. It has been ascribed to some Britons saying that “Islam has been at war with neighbors since the very beginning”. Earlier also, after the Boston marathon attacks, such reports kept on finding place in newspapers for many days. The world had been told that hatred against Islam and Muslims have deepened in Britain. They are also being attacked.

And the other picture
Now see the gist of another report. This report was published in newspapers and on net with reference to Cambridge University on 24 May. “Even after the general perception that Islam gives very few freedoms to women, white Britons in Britain are converting to Islam in very large numbers; the annual average of them is 50,000, of whom two-thirds are women. Most of the them are educated, highly educated and independent career women — bankers, doctors, broadcasters — who know what they are doing, and often do so in the face of opposition from family and friends…. What is important is that the more propaganda against Islam, the more Britons are taking interest in Islam. Its proof is that there has been an increase in this trend since 9/11….” Cambridge University for Islamic Studies and New Muslim Project of Leicester have released the 129-page report of the research. The most astonishing is that the cause of interest in Islam for most of these women has been propaganda against Islam. (The Hindu, 24 May).

Comparison of both the pictures
Now le’s brood over both the pictures. The first report is out and out propaganda. It is true that simpleton Britons get influenced with anti-Islam propaganda, and attack Muslims. But their number is not what is being told. And as for staging acts like a drama of violence and ascribing it to Muslims, discovering “documentary proofs” from their custody, and making them raise Islamic slogans, its reality is being unfolded to Britons. In fact, this technique of enemies of Islam has got obsolete. Getting acts of violence committed by their agents, sometimes sending them in the guise of Muslims and then launching propaganda against Islam are now apprehensible to Britons as well. Attempts are made to create the first picture with full participation of media while the other picture comes to light despite media trying to hide it. This is no imagination, not mere claim rather open reality proved by the conversion of Britons to Islam in large numbers. The Cambridge report mentions high profile women converts including Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, well-known broadcaster Yvonne Ridley and MTV presenter Kristiane Backer.
01/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf   

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