What transpired to Mumbai Corporation?

Brahn Mumbai Municipal Corporation has done something unbelievable. On 16 May it unanimously approved a proposal, according to which the showrooms selling women’s readymade dresses will now not be able to display bikni and such indecent dresses. Legal action will be taken against those violating the order. The cause of the move, as stated, is that when the statues made of wood or clay are decorated with such indecent things in order to entice customers and displayed publicly, they cause sensual feeling in men, especially youth, and as its result sexual crimes are committed. The members also agreed to the view that one of the causes of increase in sexual crimes in the city is the use and display of such indecent dresses. This proposal was presented by the lady corporator of Ghatkopar, Retu Tawde. Earlier, she had got removed all such things from the shops in her ward. Now she wants that this indecency be rooted out from the entire city. Members of the Corporation, especially women, are supporting her.

Why the news is unbelievable?
This news from Mumbai seems to be unbelievable because how a city of international repute like Mumbai, which is also the economic capital of the country, did this “Talibani” deed. And that too in this age of globalization, when in her bid to emerge as a super power this country is promoting this western culture. What is more surprising is that the members of the corporation did not feel any fear of the circles which do not deem even a bit these things responsible for sexual crimes, and which consider ban on such things against “enlightenment” and freedom of likes and dislikes. Did Retu Tawde and those of her view not see how much hue and cry was raised by the sympathisers of the 23-year old female student of Delhi when someone, while participating in the discussion on sexual brutality committed with her, said that girls and young age women too should correct their lifestyle and keep from donning short and indecent dresses. Did Ms Tawde forget the ultimate result of a Goan minister, who in a discussion on sexual crimes at sea beaches, said that there should be total ban on the use of bikni.

G.I.O should congratulate her

However, we, believing in this report of the Indian Express of 28 May, welcome the move of the Members of Mumbai Corporation. It would be nice if a delegation of G.I.O (Girls Islamic Organisation) calls on Retu Tawde and congratulate her, extend their cooperation to her and do ask her how she could succeed in getting her proposal approved by the members of the corporation. They should ask her to reveal some strategy, for whenever we talk of such things, people call us Talibani, jihadi, women of middle ages, and even terrorists. If you (Tawde) can tell the police officers who had issued a circular recently, please do tell them that if they dubbed our organization jihadi for such activities, then we are undoubtedly jihadi and Talibani. Let a copy of the interesting police circular be presented to Ms. Tawde so that she might have an idea of the level of knowledge as well as the mindset of the police department.
04/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  

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