The witness of an insider

“It appears that when it comes to reporting or writing on jihadi terror, anything goes - bogus insights, half-truths or red herrings supplied by anonymous sources and, significantly, content that can only be called Islamo-babble. Some of the reports that followed the arrest of Abu Jundal last week fell under one or all of these categories. Take for instance a masterpiece carried in a national daily which claimed to have decoded 'the method behind the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba's madness'. This terror code is - hold your breath - that a majority of LeT men took the pseudonym 'Abu': Abu Jundal, Abu Hamza, Abu Mujahid etc…. This analysis of terrorism has its roots in the American efforts to understand it in the aftermath of 9/ 11. 'Experts' threw around words like Ummah and Kafir, as if men donning beards and skull caps have an urge to blow themselves up at their very mention….”

On the voice of conscienceThese feelings are not of some media-affected Muslim but of a reporter and analyst who is from among those reporters and commentators and work with them. This reporter is Aditya Menon, who works for English daily Mail Today, and is well aware of the machinations of media. In his brief analysis (July 2), as newspaper readers might have felt, he has painted a picture of the ground reality, which only informed Muslims see and feel and also get irritated at this waywardness of media; and, when feel an urge to write, they present their feelings at the most in the columns of Urdu newspapers. But after the outburst on the subject by Press Council chairman Justice Markandey Katju this is the first time that an English daily reporter has commented on the behaviour of his own flock in an undaunted manner. This can be termed as the voice of conscience besides the witness of an insider. After an act of violence takes place, the media first immediately names some Muslim individual or so-called organisation, then tries to weave the thread and thus build a mountain of lies which can be seen only in the TV serials based on Hindu mythology.

Who are these “unknown” sources?The truthfulness of Aditya Menon gives a sense of satisfaction that there are some men of conscience in English journalism. However, Aditya and other journalists like him should know that nothing like “jihadi terrorism” or “Islamic terror” exists at all. These terminologies are the concoctions of those who get these fake reports prepared. It is they who get the acts of violence perpetrated to defame Islam and Muslims. Further, the thread of this campaign, as Aditya writes himself, is rooted in the American campaign viz. whatever is happening in India is part of the American campaign…. And Aditya knows better than us who these unknown sources are. They are the agents of police and secret agencies. Therefore not only journalists but also these agencies are unjust and untrustworthy. Rather basically these agencies and the government minds that devise policies for them are behind this campaign. If Aditya Menon and some other journalists like him work on this line, many eye-opening realities will unfold to them, and the real purpose of this international campaign will come to light. When Aditya can reveal untrustworthy journalists, it would not be improper to expect of him to do this work.
10/ 07/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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