Two astonishing news items from London

There are two astonishing news items from London; they are related to two astounding discoveries. First news is related to the discovery of a particle or atom; it has come from Geneva besides London and has found place in detail in the newspapers of 3rd and 4th July. According to it, British scientists have discovered a particle that proves the existence of God. It has been named “God-particle”. The other news that came on 5th July and was published in newspapers on 6th July says that the British government has imposed ban on “Indian Mujahideen”. It is obvious that before imposing the ban they must have discovered it like “God-particle”. Without proving its existence, how could they have banned it? It is rather difficult for us to understand the discovery of “God-particle” as it is related to physics and atomic science. However, the discovery of “Indian Mujahideen” is indeed a subject of interest for us because despite our best efforts we could not find any trace of this group in our country notwithstanding the efforts of Indian police and media to convince us about the presence of this group for the last four years.
Why it was created
Indian police created “Indian Mujahideen” in September 2008 when devastating blasts had shaken many cities and the Batla House “encounter” had also taken place. The police felt the need of this name perhaps because people were fed up to hear the names of “Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, SIMI” and “HuJI”. Thus, like many other groups, this group too was imaginary. But the police and media were parroting this name with so much reverberation and seriousness that it was thought for a while that this group might be present. Therefore Muslim organisations and human rights groups started searching for Indian Mujahideen on their own. They asked the police and media reporters repeatedly to provide evidence of this group but they did not budge. – We the Indian Muslims are searching for “Indian Mujahideen” because, if found, we would ask them what enmity they have with Islam and Muslim Ummah that they are defaming Islam and worrying the Ummah with their activities. Not to say of their activities benefiting Islam and Muslim Ummah in any way, rather they are harming them. The enemies of Islam and Muslims are benefiting with this name.

The objective of Britain’s ban
The news from London initially gave a bit of satisfaction that “Indian Mujahideen” was discovered at last. But on going into its details it could be known that Britain has no direct threat from this group; nor has any act of violence been attributed to it. The British government has taken this move on the basis of reports of acts of violence taking place in India. All these reports were provided for them by the Indian agencies. – And thus the existence of Indian Mujahideen could not be proved this time too. – The method of proving the existence of “Indian Mujahideen” here in our country is that the police arrest a person and make an announcement that he is related to “Indian Mujahideen” or else seizes some “documents” in a raid and announces that the house raided was an office of “Indian Mujahideen”. Simpleton public simply believes and the media sensationalises its reports to further strengthen people’s belief. Thus, along with the creation of this group the police recruits its members as well. – However Britain’s ban on an imaginary group might have its own objective. And this is Home Office Minister James Brokenshire’s statement that “this group wants to establish Islamic state in India with the use of violence”. It is as if the objective of this discovery is to frighten the world with an Islamic state.

13/ 07/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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