Why did the democratic world remain unconcerned?

All the informed persons might have felt that the western world had no particular interest in the recent general elections in Egypt. And this is a matter of surprise, for the western countries, and their leader America in particular, want to see popular democracy thriving in the world. They want to establish democracy where it is nonexistent. In this view America and all its democratic allies should have welcomed the establishment of democracy in Egypt but the world witnessed they didn’t. These democratic countries remained either unconcerned with the situations developing over there after the dethroning of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt or active in putting obstacles in the rise of democracy and keeping the army remainders of Mubarak regime there. This was nothing new or unexpected. America wants democracy in the entire world except in Muslim countries; for it knows quite well that allowing democracy in Muslim countries means coming of Islamic forces in power. It tolerates democracy in Muslim countries only in the condition that its like-minded persons come in power there, for example Pakistan and Bangladesh. It wanted the same in Egypt too; it tried hard for it, weaved the web of conspiracies, exploited international media, but its success remained elusive.

The history of opposite forcesAlgeria was freed from the clutches of France 50 years ago; Islamic parties were about to be declared winner in democratic elections; the western forces did tolerate communism but did not let the Islamic forces rise even with democratic means. When the Bosnian leader Alija Ali Izetbegovic announced that the governance based on Islamic principles will be established there, the entire west felt jolted. The mere statement of Sudanese ruler Omar al-Bashir that while South Sudan has separated he would implement Shari’ah laws in the Sudan, worried the anti-Islam forces. In the Sudan, there is army rule; so the west has a lot to speak against it; but the case in Egypt is entirely different. Islam-loving forces have come in power with purely western democratic ways, but the anti-Islam forces in the west and their eastern comrades are passing sleepless nights, thinking what would happen now and how to stop Ikhwan al-Muslimoon from getting strengthened over there. – The fact remains that the future of anti-Islam forces in Egypt is at stake. – They consider it an important stage in the war of civilizations, according to the theory of Huntington. To them the real thing here is culture rather culture is everything, religion is something secondary.

It is a question of life and death there
And it can be said that to the westerners it is a clash of two systems of life. But, if seen in the context of Egypt, there is a basic difference. On the one hand, there is the Islamic Movement, nothing of which is at stake. It has nothing to lose. So, God forbid, if some unpleasant situation takes place, the most it will happen is that the progress will come to a halt. But, if the experiment succeeds, it would be a question of life and death for the western forces. Well-meaning but simpleton persons ask as to why America does not want to see the rule of Islam-loving persons in any Muslim country so much so that it does not want to see them in power even by means of western democratic methods. The answer is that America and all anti-Islam forces are well aware, in certain cases more than Muslims, of the moral force of Islam, its strength of faith and propriety of its way of life.  So they are afraid that if it (Islamic way of governance) is allowed to flourish, it would be impossible to halt its spread; so nip it in the bud. – But it is obvious how long it will continue. If anti-Islam forces have their plans, Allah too has His Plan as He is khairul makireen (the best of planners).
22/ 07/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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