The reporting of Bangladesh

The reports of developments in the Muslim country Bangladesh in our east that have been published in Indian media and are still finding place therein from time to time, are not the reports of events and developments; rather this is a campaign of twisting of facts and changing the direction of events. This is propaganda of the policies of the government of that country; there is no trace of journalistic integrity and search for the reality; the entire stress is on opposition of Islam by targeting Jamaat-e-Islami. In this situation when the 9 March issue of the Tehelka weekly came out with a special story on this subject, the idea that came in mind was that as this magazine has earned name in revealing scandals and bringing the realities to light so here too it might have proved its mettle, for what is happening with Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh is also a scandal, very big political scandal. But the tone of the Tehelka story was the same as other newspapers and magazines have. There was nothing of investigation; only the reporting of statements and allegations made by anti-Islam forces.

Next issue of Tehelka
When the next issue of Tehelka (16 March) came, the readers generally were full of praise for its Bangladesh story and spewed venom against Islam. A reader named Thomas wrote: “Only Muslims can contain Islamism.” A commentator named Ashok Malik has complained to the government and the Indian media that they are not supporting anti-Jamaat (Islam) forces in Bangladesh as they should have. According to the commentator, “the new generation there deserves our help and support.” In this issue, there is an article “Do not give political colour to the protests” by a Bangladeshi lady professor named Amina Mohsin, in which there is some voice of reason to some extent. The issue of rekindling the fire of Bangla and Bangladeshi has been criticised. She has written that the accused of war crimes are not only in Jamaat and Bangladesh National Party; they are also in Awami League; so cases should be filed against them as well. Tehelka did publish this article but thought it necessary to add the note that “these are the personal views of the writer” viz. the magazine does not agree to it.

This is not a matter of surprise at all
This reporting of Tehelka is of course unexpected but not a matter of surprise at all. For, howsoever courage and honesty a media organisation may claim to have; it does have a limit. There are many causes of search for the truth and then keeping from expressing it. There are many causes like “national interest”, business compulsion, TRP, being unaware of realities, purchasing power of the government, lack of direct awareness of the faiths of others, lack of will and search for knowing the truth, influence of hostile propaganda, ease in reporting, personal leaning, on the basis of which an editor, reporter or commentator keeps from speaking the truth. But there should be some newspaper, magazine or channel in this country that brings to light the facts without caring for anything. For example, one allegation levelled against Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is that its men had attacked the civilians in 1971, committed sexual assault against women, and were involved in looting and killing. The world might believe all this due to ignorance but an individual who is aware of Islam, Islamic Movement and Jamaat-e-Islami even in the least, cannot believe all this till the last day. Had there been any responsible media, it might have confirmed this claim easily. 

16/03/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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  1. I am sitting in Kathmandu in an international conference. I talked to delegates from Bangladesh - they are Muslims. They were appreciative of the Shahbaug movement and support the young for their initiative. I differed with them on capital punishment and for them too it was not all that important. Jamat-E-Islami in Bangladesh is unpopular but very powerful in the sense they command a lot of financial resources and muscle power. Jamat is unfairly trying to defame the Shahbaug movement as one run by athiests - which needless to say is not at all true. The Shahbaug movement has popular support!