The commentary awaited

The Muslims have been raising voice against the smear campaign going on for many years to harass the Muslim citizens by dubbing the acts of violence perpetrated by some unknown and unseen forces as Islamic terrorism. Human rights groups and some noble souls also speak against this situation. But it was desired that there should be some realistic commentary thereon by an eminent personality of mainstream media; for media plays an important role in this situation not only by airing the false stories of police and investigating agencies but by instigating people with the help of making mountain out of a molehill as well. It is the media with the help of which the mischief-mongers and investigating agencies run their business of lies by committing blasts or making them done. The media accomplishes 90% task of implementing the plans. This desire has been fulfilled after a long time. In the Hindustan Times of 13 March, an extraordinary article on this situation by the renowned lady of English media Sagarika Ghose has been published.

Basic points of the commentary
Whatever has been said in this article entitled “Our Keystone Cops” can be understood with these points – “After every blast incident the police having fixed the doubt only on Muslims detain them and they do this work to satisfy the “patriotic” media…. The Home Minister was made to apologise for his statement on Saffron terrorism; but when innocent Muslims are acquitted by courts of law, why an apology is not offered to them?... The police do not have any solid evidence except absurd theories….. If blasts are made by Muslims, why haven’t the agencies told the nation as yet as to why they do this and what their demands are…. Courts too scarcely take notice of the irresponsible behaviour of investigating agencies…. An assertive Hindutva nationalism on social media seeks to demonise the Muslim…. The police can never reach the realities of terror incidents if the police thus continue its trend of implicating individuals of a particular community in a targeted manner…. There must be transparency in the police work.…”

Might it be a state policy?
In her straightforward analysis, Sagarika Ghose has made four institutions the butt of her criticism: police, political leadership, courts and media. Such feelings on media have been expressed by Justice Katju and Teesta Setalvad as well. But this in itself shows extraordinary courage on the part of a towering media executive. However, Sagarika has not turned her focus towards state policymakers while this may be the state policy as well. For without it this destructive policy cannot be promoted. These institutions are nothing before the state power. Matter-of-factly, our government is taking part practically in the campaign of “war on terror” America has launched worldwide. Increasing relationship with America and Israel, participation of American and Israeli agencies in the investigation of blasts, the tone and tenor of anti-Muslim propaganda tell us clearly that whatever is happening is in accordance with the state policy. If these realities are proved on paper, then in this situation what would be the reaction of people like Sagarika Ghose, Justice Markande Katju, Teesta Setalvad, Vidya Subramaniam and Vibhuti Narain Rai? We would stand contended if these people tell us that this is not the case.

19/03/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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