The conference of great minds

A two-day extraordinary conference of a few great minds was held in New Delhi in the first week of December, which stressed all the countries “to give eradication of terrorism from the world top priority because the biggest threat to human beings is from it; their very existence is in danger; innocent people are being attacked at every place. In this regard all the countries should come together. Without mutual cooperation and organised and planned efforts the eradication of international terrorism is not possible.” These minds severely criticised the countries which give priority to human rights violations. They say that “violation of human rights is not a big issue. The big and real issue is international terrorism. The courts, judges and lawmakers of the world should play a leading role in this work; they should create stringent laws and ensure their implementation.” To them “war on terrorism” is the biggest need today. The countries which are patronising terrorism should be deal with strictly.

Who are these people?
Can those who have not read this news in newspapers or not listened to it on radio or TV tell whose conference this was? Of the heads of States? Of high police officers? Of functionaries of secret agencies? No. This gathering was of judges and chief justices, arranged by International Council of Jurists, and hosted by India. It is hard to believe that the judges whose responsibility is to pronounce judgements honestly after hearing the arguments of the parties, would have said all this. But the fact is that they said all this (The Hindu, 2 December) and said in the same language in which the countries advocating the so-called “anti-terror war” and their allies and supporters say. The resolution of the judges has no trace of justice and honesty, impartiality and reality. With a glance at the proceedings of the conference, it does not seem that they would have thought over the definition and meaning of terrorism. No, they didn’t. To them it was not necessary. Everyone knows what the meaning of terrorism today is. International media has taught human beings its meaning well.

No scope of positivity
Now those who want to think positively can do so; as these judges have not named any group or faith, so it would be wrong to think that the target of this conference was Islam and the Muslim Ummah. They are free to think so. But the fact is that there is no scope of this positivity. The timing of the conference of judges, its       language, its tone and the text of its resolutions clearly show that this gathering was part of the same campaign which is being run in the name of “war on terrorism” against Islam and the Islamic Ummah at the international level. The mind behind it is Zionism and its leader is America. Therefore the question how these judges came to believe that these attacks are made by some Islamic group. Have they reached this conclusion on the basis of their own investigation or the source of their information also is only media or American secret agencies? – Apparently this situation is alarming for the Ummah but it has also another aspect. With this exercise this reality has come to light once again that awakening in some parts of the Muslim world, experiment of Islamic system of governance in some countries and failure of exploitative forces in some countries have made the oppressive forces and their supporters badly unsettled. On the one hand they are giving proof of their absurdities by using Malala while on the other they are mocking at law and justice by using judges.

10/ 12/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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