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“Islamist terrorism may end by 2030”. A bold headline in The Times of India. Its intro says: ‘A landmark US intelligence report released on Monday says the “current Islamist phase of terrorism” might end by 2030, but violent terrorism itself is unlikely to die completely and might evolve into bloodless forms of economic and financial terrorism.’ This report of National Intelligence Council of America is entitled “Global Trends 2030”. It analyses international trends from different angles and forecasts the events to take place in the next 18 years. The real focus is on finance and economy. It says that in the years to come the economy of India will get stronger while the economy of Pakistan will get weaker further and destroyed; may be the very existence of Pakistan come to an end. And, “Terrorist groups and their supporting countries will use financial terrorism on a large scale; they also might use cyber system and modern destructive technology” (The Times of India, 11 December, Pages 11 and 16).

What to happen in the world
Those who are aware of the strategies of America might have understood the meaning of this report. With this report issued with reference to secret agencies America in fact wants to tell the world what it is going to do in the next 18 years. According to the report, it is going to weaken rather destroy the economy of rival countries and hold command over the economy of friendly countries. It will make violent events happen by its agents in different parts of the world in the name of countering “Islamist terrorism”. And, holding Islamic groups responsible for it, it will accelerate further its satanic campaign against Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Perhaps the American agencies have prepared the plan for terror events: where to stage these dramas; at which places in which countries how many “terrorist” attacks will be made; how many people will be killed, how many will remain alive and what statements are to be made; how many “9/11s” will occur, where “26/11s” are to take place. Then which stories are to be concocted to prove those dramas as “real events”. And perhaps the work of providing evidence has been also started.

Why to fear Islam?
The language of the report has revealed once again that America still sticks to use the term “Islamist terrorism” while Muslims made much hue and cry (against it) and its faithful Muslim countries themselves impressed upon it that this term should not be used at least at the government level. But a greater reality that American policymakers are much more afraid of Islam than they had been earlier has come to light. The advancements made by Islamic groups in certain parts of the world have worried them and they take the Islamic way of life as the biggest rather only obstacle in the implementation of their exploitative policies. They know that if Islamic system comes in vogue, it will bring along the interest-free economic system, which will weaken and at last destroy the interest-based economic system of Americans and Jews. That is why America uses ever newer methods and strategies to make the world afraid of Islam. Now it is the responsibility of the authorities on Islamic economic system to reach out to the hearts of human beings. Muslim scholars of this country must take up this work; for our government has badly fallen prey to the American economic strategies. It is the Islamic, moral and national responsibility of Muslim knowledgeable persons to take the country out of this deceit.

19/ 12/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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