This thinking of Team Anna

Prashant Bhushan is of the view that the government does not want to do anything about Lokpal; now it is the public who has to do all about it. If the public does not do anything at this stage, does not take the issue in its hands, the country will march towards destruction. He has reiterated this view of his while giving an interview to English weekly, Tehelka (August 4). Although he has said this with reference to the public viz. “now the public has started thinking this way” but the fact remains that this is the thinking of entire Team Anna and Prashant is part of the Team. He is a renowned lawyer and legal luminary, has open mind about political issues, and is a sincere person; this is why his opinion has deserved analysis here. Otherwise Team Anna has now reduced itself to good-for-nothing. All sorts of people, with their respective political agenda, have joined it. Others’ mind is working behind whatever Anna Hazare is saying or doing in the name of rooting out corruption. Therefore, his and his friends’ sayings cannot be considered seriously. The objective of this Team is to pave the way for NDA by ousting UPA from the seat of power at the Centre. A commentator, PK Siddhartha has commented on it comprehensively in The Times of India of August 1.

The meaning of this method?

If the opinion of Prashant Bhushan gets agreed, it will mean anarchy, lawlessness, topsy-turvy and the rule of hooligans; for, to mobilise the masses, we have to instigate them, raise sensational slogans, exploit foul means to make them onto the roads. And Prashant knows perfectly well that the biggest political party patronising his Team is well-versed in this work. It (that party) knows very well the art of hiding its real agenda while involving them in non-issues. What was the basis for Ram Mandir Movement in 1990? It was the declaration of implementation of Mandal Commission Report. Hearing the declaration of VP Singh government that according to Mandal Report backward classes will get 27% reservation in government jobs, this party got worried; and to nullify the impact of the declaration it decided to stage a countrywide rath yatra. The strategy got cent per cent success. The sections of masses for whose welfare VP Singh had made the declaration forgot the Mandal Report and followed the rath yatra. Then, what happened? Demonstrating sharp weapons and blood-stained kalash, the masses were instigated. It resulted in riots at various places and there was widespread anarchy.
Who will reap benefits of anarchy

It is not believable that a responsible citizen like Prashant Bhushan has said this after much deliberation. If he really did, it is unfortunate. He knows better than others that the one that will get benefited with it is the BJP, which is hell bent upon giving the Team Anna its own colour by hijacking it right from day one. It can flourish only in an environment of anarchy. So far as rooting out corruption is concerned, neither Congress nor BJP is concerned about it. For the situation is related to the economic policies of the country and the economic policy of these two parties is one and the same; both are obedient to America; they cannot root out corruption even if they want. It is so because the national affairs have slipped out of their hands and landed into the hands of the corporate sector. This is also the meaning of naming Chidambaram as Minister of Finance once again. Therefore, it is better the people like Prashant Bhushan get separated from the hollow slogans of Anna Hazare and ponder over some other way to root out corruption in an effective manner. As an effective way, he can launch a campaign to raise the moral character of all citizens and inculcate in them the fear of their Creator and Master and not only of law, and tell them that the result of every evil including corruption is bad in this life and it will be bad in the life after death as well.
07/ 08/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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