That statement of new minister for home

Those who would have heard, or read, the statement of Shushil Kumar Shinde that he made while expressing happiness at having been appointed Union Minister for Home, must have noted that Shinde takes this decision of the ruling class as pro-Dalit. That is, naming as Home Minister a person from among the Dalit castes that have been treated in society as mean under the caste system and whose work is only to serve the “high” castes, is indeed the large-heartedness and benevolence of the section that has established this system of high and low caste on the basis of birth. Otherwise, under the Varna system the “low castes” have no right to get higher education, eat good food, live in a decent manner, and sit and dine with “high castes”. It is as if Shinde accepts that he is “mean” and is content with this social status. Meira Kumar too had expressed exactly the same pleasure and gratefulness in 2009 when she was appointed speaker of Lok Sabha. Meira Kumar is the daughter of Babu Jagjivan Ram.

 Untouchable, Harijan, Dalit

Varna vayvastha or caste system, as everyone knows, is the social system of Indian majority population, which by its nature is distinguished in human society and is found on this very land. The founders of this system are Aryan Brahmins who have divided human beings in four high and low castes; then there is also an arrangement of castes within castes, numbering in thousands. The fourth caste, the meanest, is called Shudra. Before Independence they were called “untouchables”; later Gandhiji gave them the name of “Harijan” to keep them happy and contented with this status of theirs. After Independence both of these classifying names were prohibited and they were called “Dalits”. The Constitution has called them Scheduled Castes and Tribes. This strategy of Brahmins proved cent per cent successful. With the word “Dalit” all these sections are very happy and contended; and their educated section, which has emerged as a result of post-independence reservation in educational institutions and government jobs, has heartily accepted this status of theirs. Therefore, now there are separate institutions of Dalits under the patronage of “higher castes”; even “Dalit Chamber of Commerce” has been established.
Now they should do this also

It means that Dalit scholars, entrepreneurs and politicians have fully compromised with the Brahmin social order; so they should do one more work. They should tell all those groups, institutions and social activists who are working in rural areas to put an end to untouchability and high and low castes, to wind up their activities. The recent information in this regard is that mid-day meal scheme for school children in Rajasthan, Orissa, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh is proving a failure because the children of “high” castes do not like to eat in the company of “low” caste children; and indeed they would have been doing this on the bidding of their elders. The Times of India of August 5 has published a very alarming report with reference to the monitoring committee of Union Ministry of Education. The Ministry is sending its teams to these states to take stock of the situation in detail; but there is no need of such activities because whatever is happening is according to the caste system. Much can be said on this interesting situation but it is clear that this is the internal affair of the “majority community” on which those who fall out of the pale of this system have no right to speak.
10/ 08/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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