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The Sunday edition of Delhi-based English daily The Pioneer (Feb. 19) has published a sensational story as its front-page lead news, which begins thus: ‘SIMI-backed Popular Front of India is fast becoming a major internal security headache for the Government. The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is tracking the outfit, has specific information on its efforts to mobilise Muslims for seeking a “state within state” to address the community’s woes.’ The rest of the story has to say:  What has alarmed Government is the outfit’s rapid growth among Muslims and Dalits…. “This could make it the biggest internal security threat by 2014 parliamentary polls if its growth is unchecked,” top NIA sources said…. It has shifted its headquarters from Kerala to Delhi…. “in a bid to garner support for its separate Muslim state agenda”…. The Front imparts training to its cadres in the use of sharp-edged weapons…. The secret agencies have put the Front activities on surveillance…. The possibility of PFI’s role in the Israeli diplomat terror attack case was also being looked into.

Why is the report a matter of concern?
The Pioneer is a semi-governmental organ owing allegiance to the ideology of R.S.S. and B.J.P. It often publishes such news reports. So its cock and bull story would not have been worth considering. But as its reporter Rakesh K Singh has frequently referred in his story to N.I.A, I.B, C.B.I, and Kerala Police, so the report is a matter of concern. A matter of concern because the government agencies are trying to create such a situation and media is a great support to them in this regard. We don’t know anything about this Popular Front and whether there is any truth in the English daily’s report on its activities. But in view of the prevailing situation, it can be said with certainty that this lie is like the one told about the individual or group that raises voice against the excesses done to the oppressed and backward sections and the minorities especially Muslims. However, it may be that the leaders of the Front raise emotional and irresponsible slogans or use strong words about the government and its agencies; but as a whole it seems that they too are perturbed about the circumstances.

What type of Muslims they like?

And to be perturbed is not something immoral or illegal. Everyone knows that our government, its Home Ministry and some political parties like only such sections especially such Muslims who are easy-going, who do not comment on the circumstances around them, who speak nothing about the atrocities against their community and individuals, who keep mum on the arrest of innocent Muslim youth. But in their eyes, those who act, at any level, against oppression and exploitation are considered most unwanted and worth detaining. Government agencies and media persons oppose them tooth and nail. They (such persons) are harassed and defamed under various pretexts. Allegations of terrorism, anti-nationalism, separatism, and waging a “war” against the nation are levelled against them. Efforts are made that not only these people are silenced but also no other person or group might raise such a voice. This is a big challenge before those working for human rights in this country. This should also be seen in the light of extraordinarily growing relations with America and Israel.

25/02/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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