Car blast and the list of media

No sooner had the news of a car bomb blast on a New Delhi road in the Feb. 13 noon been fully disseminated than the reaction of Israeli prime minister came: “There is the hand of Iran,” whereby it could be known that the car belonged to the Israeli embassy and an Israeli lady diplomat was injured therein. There could have been no bigger news than this enticing the concern of Government of India and the interest of media – the media took hold of the (propaganda) front faster than the Union Home Ministry machinery came into action. The statement of Israel was simply that it was the handiwork of Iran that got it done with the help of Hizbullah of Lebanon but the Indian media started parroting the names of all those real (?) and concocted groups that had been in their record – Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, SIMI, Indian Mujahideen, HuJI, – local hand – and many other names and angles. That is, the government machinery was doing its work while the media was concocting its own cock and bull story. All this because the matter was related to the bosom friend, Israel. Some precaution was being played with regard to Iran as it supplies oil to us.

The discomfort of Government machinery
But, along with it, the Government machinery and the media occasionally had to face some uneasiness in their mission. There did come some stages where they found their premeditated line in jeopardy; but somehow they took hold of it. For instance, a news item was abuzz that the leader of Israeli (secret) agency Mossad had been present here for a few days prior to the blast. It was said that he was here to attend some meeting. Then certain newspapers repeated the story that an Israeli couple had been present in a city in Kerala, had rented a house at a very exorbitant cost, where suspicious activities were going on. But, before the people’s attention could have shifted fully to this couple, the media tainted the story that the Israeli couple had been continuing their activities in India with the help of “Islamic terror groups”. Thereafter came the statement of the injured Israeli woman, disquieting to the media and investigating agencies, that the man bombing her car had worn black clothes, not red; that the colour of his motorcycle was black, not brown; and that the blast occurred within 30-40 seconds, not 4-5 seconds. But, fearing that the lady might make some other (embarrassing) statement, she was flown back to Israel.

What the events say
A very cautious but close study of the sequence of events reveals that the Government machinery and the media had never experienced such embarrassment as they have been doing in declaring their standpoint on this act of “terrorism” though they have everything – resources, control over media, and believers in their stories. The problem with the Home Ministry is that it does not want to discover on its own the aspect of “Islamic terrorism” at least in this incident (notwithstanding the media is doing this job well). But it also does not want to hold Israel responsible for this incident. While this is quite easy as Israel has been preparing to attack Iran for a long time, and wants to seek international support for this. It has been creating a situation against Iran by committing acts of terror. And, the problem with common, justice-loving citizens is that they do not have any agency or NGO working to prove what is right right, and what is wrong wrong. Had there been any, the Feb. 13 incident could have been proved quite easily a Mossad deed.
22/02/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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