Two Reports on Patna Blasts

Two fresh reports have come in the context of bomb blasts at B.J.P rally in the capital of Bihar, Patna, on 27 October. First report is that on 17 November the Central Investigation Agency (NIA) has released the photographs and other details of the accused of Bodh Gaya and Patna blasts and announced a prize of 5-10 lakhs for those who will give any clue about the accused. The other report is from Bhagalpur. On 17 November itself, while addressing the media reporters at Circuit House there, the Agricultural Minister of Bihar, Narendra Singh, said in very explicit words that it was the BJP that stage-managed the blasts at Patna rally just to make the rally successful and to popularise Modi. The State Minister used harsh language against the BJP and its leaders and said that they are the descendants of Ghandhiji’s killers, RSS. (Inquilab Urdu daily, 18 Nov) The first report is not unexpected, because investigating agencies of both Gaya and Patna blasts had already decided their direction of investigation at the first sound of the explosion (rather it can be said with firm belief that even before the sound was heard); characters of the blasts were already developed; there was no question of investigation on any other line.
Statement not surprising
Yes, Bihar Minister's statement is certainly unexpected, but not at all surprising; it would be called a bold statement. Although this statement, like Patna blast, is also political yet sometimes the fact gets revealed in political rhetoric. It could also be possible that by doing political calculation, the State Minister Narendra Singh withdraws his statement or subjects it to window-dressing, but it will not change the reality. Though in the political mental wave, he did express the voice of his conscience. And this is the fact, to which every normal-diet-taking person is aware of. Although Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had also read the reality behind Patna blasts yet due to his fear of BJP attack, he felt compelled to call it a general terrorist attack. However, he expressed his real feeling by saying later that “BJP has benefited with the blasts”. One thing more is being said that the Indian Mujahedeen is doing blasts in the country with the help of RSS and BJP. But this is not true in these words. It should be called that a central agency has created a fake group named Indian Mujahedeen to give benefit to the Sangh Parivar, because the agency is sympathetic to the parivar's ideology.
Identifying the basic fact

This entire episode is indicative of a fundamental reality – having implicated Muslims in in cases of bombings and violence, arresting Muslim youth regularly and thereby demonising and terrorising Muslim citizens, destroying the careers of arrested youth and uprooting their families, incapacitating  them in the surrounding environment, this all is happening under a particular political agenda. Although Muslim organisations and leaders are continuously protesting against this persecution, citing the Constitution and the laws, demanding evidence from the police and agencies, yet impact of all this is not in sight. Police and agencies are doing what they want. Political agenda is being followed as usual. Recently three persons were detained without any evidence at Raipur, only on far-fetched suspicion and the Muslim leadership was seen helpless on this persecution. Does this situation not ask the Muslim leadership to change its strategy and methodology, to rise above personal and factional interests, to refer the issue of protection of their institutions to Allah and to keep undaunted faith in getting reward afterlife by surrendering their wish of having been rewarded for good deeds in this world?
22/11/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by:Miss Khalida Hussain

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