Addressing Baba Ram Dev

“On 3rd September at Hardwar, when you were  saying that a saint should not meet a woman in solitary whether she is mother, daughter, sister, mother-in-law or any other woman,  you were, though unintentionally, talking about what is mentioned in Islam.
It is similar to the teaching of Deen-e-Islam. The last messenger of Islam Mohammad (PBUH) says: “None amongst you meet a woman in solitary because in such situation, the third existence is of Shaitan.” (Tirmizi 2)
“None amongst you meet a woman in solitary until the presence of a Mehram”. (Bukhari 3)
“None amongst you meet with a woman in solitary and none amongst you women travel alone until accompanied with a Mehram.”          (Bukhari)

… and it is obvious that you would have given this advice with reference of the holy scriptures. The only difference is that Islamic Shariah distinct between Mehram and Non Mehram according to the need of human society. It has softer view in case of mother, daughter and sister, whereas it is strict to its rule in case of other non Mehram women.”

And you have seen this too…

“And Babaji, you have also observed the negative reaction of general people on your this comment. Throughout the evening of 3rd September, your this statement remained the central point of debate on many of news channels. Even those people too, who opposed the Aasaram’s episode , did not like your statement though your statement was in view of Aasaram’s episode itself.
If you have gone through news channels that evening, you would have seen the same faces who were against your thinking and opinion on homosexuality and open relations of men and women, living together without marriage.
It might be in your knowledge that Muslim citizens supported all your views in all these cases and even supporting your fresh statement, too. It is because Islamic teachings are also same in this context.
Muslim urban, also, supports you in the opposition of all wickedness like alcohol and other types of intoxications, behavioural distortion, obscenity, distraction of teachers and scholars in colleges & universities etc.
Most of the behavioural teachings in Islam and Vedic Dharma are similar.” 

Standing against this deterioration…

“… and Ramdev ji, the fuss and clamour roused on your statement, has once again flashed the diplomatic face of our civilized society just like when it happened in December last year. During the debate after the incidence of treating a 23 year student ravenously, it was cleared that on one hand, this society creates scene on sexual crimes and women atrocity and demands for not less than a death penalty for such criminals, while on other hand, gets out of control when an advice is given to women, girls and scholars.

‘Open minded’ people of this society believe in that women and young girls have rights to live in a manner they want, they can wear whatever they want, can hangout till late night and can behave according to their will and wishes. Muslim Urban society is against this evil thought so, is it not possible to you and other people like you to organize a campaign against this behavioural distortion and brawl thought?
If you go ahead with such a campaigning, supports of Muslim urban especially, Students Islamic Organization and Girls Islamic Organization will be with you all the way.

 19/09/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  

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