These scenes of Uttarakhand

As in the rest of the world, here in India too natural calamities do visit: earthquakes, storms, tempests, hurricanes, cyclones, cracking of clouds, falling of mountain and icy cliffs, etc. Flood, cyclonic tempest and cracking of clouds have become regular annual feature in certain areas. But the scenario seen in mid-June in Uttarakhand, which had once been the mountainous region of the State of Uttar Pradesh, was exceptional. The countrymen will remember this natural calamity for a pretty long time, especially for those terrible experiences of the devotees and pilgrims of the four dhams.
The experiences they have described on TV channels are heart-rending. Properties and provisions were destroyed; lives of dear and near ones were also lost. Many persons saw with their own naked eyes their relations, children and old, being washed away by flood water or breathing their last. They were all worried about their own lives. They spent five days together without anything to eat, under the shadow of death. The cries of children, out of hunger and thirst, pain and worry, were heart-rending. There was danger all the time of rolling flood waters, cracking of clouds or falling down of mountain cliffs.

Those scenes are also coming to mind
Those who are living in safe regions or have never come across such a calamity cannot visualize truly the sufferings of the victims and their mental condition. Yes, those individuals and families who have such experiences, or have come across bus or train accidents, or communal flare-ups or attacks on “backward castes” by so-called forward caste people can feel these sufferings and realize the mental condition of victims to a great extent. Having heard the painful stories of victims and calamity-stricken people right from themselves on TV channels, I was reminded of the scenes of the same category eleven years ago that were related to the oppressed victims of barbarism after the Godhra train incident. The only difference was that the Uttarakhand calamity was natural which was beyond the control of anyone while the Gujarat tragedy was created by brutes in human garb. In a way the Gujarat tragedy was rather more serious for the victims were also subjected to sexual assault, little kids were thrown into the fire and eatables were destroyed.

Let this fact be kept in mind
Gentle persons have sympathy with the victims of both the kinds.  They share their sufferings. They wish that those who have lost their near and dear ones keep patience and never come across such a tragedy again. Likewise, they wish that the victims of Gujarat get justice, their pleas are heard and they never come across such a situation. – It is being said that one of the causes of Uttarakhand tragedy is human intervention in the process of nature. Tall buildings, cutting of trees in large numbers, scientific experiments and efforts to change the environment are responsible for it. They must have been. But the fact that nature is after all nature should be kept in mind. Whatever you may do, it cannot keep from showing its power. Everything is under the perfect control of the Almighty who created this universe, who holds perfect control and command over whatever is on and inside it; He has His own principles and has His own Justice system. Scholars of almost all religions and faith say that the causes of natural calamities also include increase in riots on earth, moral crimes, injustice, obscenity and man’s oppression on man. This aspect of nature should be there while finding out the causes of Uttarakhand tragedy. 
28/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  

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