Whose SIM was it?

Do you know with whose SIM card the bomb blast near the BJP office in Bangalore on 17 April was operated? That SIM card belonged to an RSS leader who lives near the Karnataka-Kerala border. This has been revealed by the Bangalore police itself. But no, please do not form any opinion with this much information. Read the news that follows: “According to the police, this SIM card along with the mobile phone was stolen one day before the blast. And the burglar is a man named Kichan Buhari who committed the blast. Besides this SIM card, 15 more SIM cards were recovered from him which were all stolen.” Now the question is whether the Sangh leader registered with the police a case of the stealth of his mobile phone. The police did reach this leader, questioned him but having accepted his statement that his phone was stolen as gospel truth threw him out of the purview of suspicion. The police also refused to reveal the identity of that man. (The Hindu, 11 May) The police have detained many Muslims besides Buhari in this case.

This is the practice of police
I don’t know how many Muslim leaders paid attention to this mischief of Karnataka police. It is palpably clear that the police want to protect the real culprits who got this blast committed in order to benefit the BJP in the assembly elections. And this is not the first specimen of this act of Indian police. Rather it is its regular practice. When a bomb blast shook a riverbank in Varanasi a few years ago, the police did catch the two persons who had claimed the responsibility of the crime; they were caught at a place in Maharashtra; they were not Muslims. They made the statement that their computer was hacked. And the police accepted their statement as truth without any argument and let them go. In 2008 some persons were killed while making bombs in a house in Kanpur; they were not Muslims. When the high police official was asked whether anyone was arrested from that place, the reply was: “When no one is taking the responsibility, how can we arrest anyone?” Earlier, the same happened in a house in Nanded and the attitude of the police was the same there too. Many reports have to say that the police do reach the real culprits but having let them free go in search of their pet prey.
 And this worry of the Muslim leadership
It is heard that Muslim leaders are worried about the arrests of innocent Muslim youth and implicating them in concocted cases, and very much concerned about the police actions. Processions, conferences and high-sounding statements confirm this. But this worry is surface-level. No solid action is in sight. Had the Muslim leadership been conscious.
19/05/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf 

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