When the news came from Boston

No sooner had I heard the news in the evening of 15 April that three persons died and over 150 were injured in two bomb blasts at the Marathon race in the American city of Boston the entire scenario expected in the next three days whirled in the imagination – what is to take place now, whom the accusing finger would point to, what the needle of suspicion nay “certainty” would tell, how a mountain would be made out of a molehill, how the media of America and its old allies and new faithfuls would cry, how sensational reports and provocative commentaries would be telecast on channels, how page after page in newspapers would be filled with its detailed coverage, how those stories that might have been scripted beforehand would be staged, how America as usual would not name anyone during the first few hours and tell the world later on whose handiwork it was, however its blind yes-men the world over would start telling the world right from the beginning that it was the handiwork of “Islamic” terrorists. And this entire imagination proved true, came to the fore as an absolute matter of fact. Indian media played its traditional role quite obediently.

This hundred too had died the same day
This hue and cry had to be made on the death of three persons in America because America is the super power of the time (we too feel sorry for these deaths and have sympathy for those injured). But the same day a total of one hundred persons were killed in three Muslim countries in the same way; its brief news could be seen only after hunting for it somewhere; why would anyone feel sorry and have sympathy for them, for this is the Muslim blood which had been spilling continuously and the spillers are America, Israel and their allies. – Even after you take it for a while as a blame or conjecture that no one can deny the Satanic drone attacks on the Pak-Afghan border areas. These attacks are being made on the pretext of destroying the hideouts of terrorists but innocent citizens including women and infants are being killed therein. – But even if we talk about Boston alone keeping aside these attacks for a while, how a gentle and justice-loving person would come to believe that the blasts had been carried out by none but Muslims. Can’t this be the handiwork of the enemies of Muslims? Our belief as usual is that like 9/11 this is the handiwork of CIA and Mossad.

And this blast at Bangalore
Only 48 hours would have passed since the mischief at Boston, and the Indian media’s cry over it was getting mild that the Indian reporters got a fresh lease. In the morning of 17 April there was a blast in front of the BJP office in Bangalore; 17 were injured. Like that in Boston, this blast was mysterious – it is not known who did it and why. But what had the Indian media to do with this question? Its arrows and spears had been ready as usual; therefore with the breaking of the news they quite brazenly started throwing them to the so-called Muslim groups, although police and secret agencies were silent in the first few hours. The channels kept on parroting the story for the whole night of 17 April; in the morning of 18 April newspapers came with sensational stories. None of the channels and newspapers raised any question; all believed that it was the handiwork of some “Muslim” terrorist group. Although an RSS activist was killed while carrying bombs on a bike in Kerala on 9 April. The situation is very much alarming. We have no knowledge of the political leadership of Muslims; however Muslim scholars should discover whether the conscience here is dead; if the trace of life is felt, they should knock at the hearts.

22/04/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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