Sudarshanand the Eid Prayers

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr this year an interesting news item wasrelated to Eid and Eid Prayers. It so happened that in the morning of Eidal-Fitr on 20th August former Sarsanghchalak of RSS, KS Sudarshansaid to his security staff deputed at his residence at RSS Complex Samidha thathe wanted to go to Tajul Masajid to offer the Eid Prayers. The security staffmembers were perturbed; the police was informed; police officers tried toconvince him that there was huge traffic on the roads leading to Tajul Masajidand the Eid Prayers had already been offered there. But Sudarshan stuck to hisidea. At last Urban development and administration minister Babulal Gaur,who was offering Eid greetings to Muslims outside Tajul Masajid at that time,was called in. He also told Sudarshan that Eid Prayers had already been offeredat Tajul Masajid. Then he took him to the house of one of his Muslim friendswhere Mr. Sudarshan offered Eid greetings to Muslims and enjoyed siwaiyan. The HindustanTimes (21st August) has clearly mentioned the words “namaz” andprayer while other papers used the word Eid “greetings”. However the commonthing in all the reports is that KS Sudarshan wanted to go the historical TajulMasajid that day.

A genuine question
Now a question comes to the mind quite naturally as to why the idea ofoffering prayer in a masjid occurred to a senior Sangh leader. If it was amatter of just offering Eid greetings, even then it is important and meaningfulas it never happened before. It cannot be expected of an ordinary worker ofRSS, not to say of its former chief. Most people take it as mental imbalance orforgetfulness of Mr. Sudarshan. Some reports have pointed to some specificdisease of his. It was mentioned in the very early reports of this incident,saying that recently he went out for morning walk as usual and went missing. Hewas found after a few hours. It is quite possible that it might have happened. Thishappens to octogenarians. – But despite this the incident is of extraordinaryimportance and not liable to be dismissed at first glance. It has a lot forthose studying human psychology and mental undulations.

Is it a case of unconsciousness
Mr. KS Sudarshan is from among the oldest and most important leaders ofRSS. He is a well-educated person. He must have studied the fundamental beliefsand teachings of Islam. This can be said with a sense of certainty as theworkers of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind have given Islamic literature to many Sanghleaders including Mr. Sudarshan. Jamaat men talked and exchanged views withthese leaders in prisons during the 1975 Emergency. During his tenure Mr.Sudarshan also held a dialogue with Muslim leaders and scholars. In this regardonce he had visited the headquarters of Jamiatul Ulama at Masjid Nabi. Thereforeit might be that these studies, discussions and dialogues are deeply imprintedon the unconsciousness of Sudarshan. Then it is also a fact that in the lastphase of life, when people feel the close of life, most of them brood over thephilosophy of life more freely and open-mindedly. And it cannot be said whom,when and under which circumstances the Almighty brings to the fold of theTruth.  

01/ 09/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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