When Nehru was the prime minister

When Pandit Nehru was the prime minister, he advised Indian consulates and high commissions not to use liquor in the celebrations relating to country’s national days like Independence day and republic day. Many consulates over this wrote to the prime minister that local guests can not participate if this thing is not served as part of the hospitality. Pandit Nehru immediately replied that “If this is the only thing attracting people in the national day celebration then better not to host national celebrations”. – V.Krishna Iyer mentioned about this in his recent article which is all about the evil of liquor and its harmful implications. Justice Iyer is country’s distinguished lawyer. Since the retirement from law practice, he is expressing his opinion over political, social and human rights issues. In this article of his) The Hindu / 12th Jan) he held the government responsible for the rise in the liquor usage and its bad implications, which does the business of this profane just for income. Government always remains under the pressure of the powerful lobby of this business.

Good symbol for moral well being
It is wishful that the readers of the Newspaper enthusiastically welcomed the thoughts of Justice Iyer and completely agreed and supported him as it is evident from the publishing of 13th January’s letters. All wish that there should be complete ban on this. This thought also came to light that just ban is not enough; public opinion should also be awakened for this. In case of just ban, situation of the problem worsens more. Feelings of Justice Iyer and his supporters about ‘ummul-qabais’ (basis of evil) are the good symptom for the moral well being of the country. Condemning and opposing this ‘paapjanani’ (evil creator) was part of the freedom movement of which the leadership was held by Gandhi Ji himself. That is why there was a hope that in Independent India there will be efforts of its complete eradication, but actually it happened quite opposite, the government itself promoted it on a large scale by doing its business. Nothing heared of people like Murarji Desai who used to see thousand times more harm than the monitory benefit to the government, Justice Iyer also mentioned about that. Now the situation is such that it has become the biggest source of income for many of the state governments.

What should be the spirit of awareness
Much has been said about this social evil and even now it is being said. Voices for social reform continuously raised, but no result. It is very true that just by law this cancer can not be cured. Because the law protectors themselves are seen addict to this evil. They collect money from the businessmen at all levels. The saying of public awakening is also true. But still the question is that “what should be the spirit of awakening which not only make people aware of its harmful implications in this life but also give the sense of the punishment after this life which will be as a result of this habit and its trade. Devastation of families, social damage, killing and burglary, and accidental deaths all sin will be on their heads and they will get punishment for that. In country’s law and order or the traditions here this spirit is not seen. This thing only exist to is fullest in Islamic teachings. If Justice Krishna Iyer and responsible individuals alike are reminded towards this side then it will be a big service for this country and people here. If it is discussed with reference to the law making and practice over that then example of Saudi Arabia and Iran can be given.
22/01/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaik

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