See now even they are telling....

There was a time when radio, TV Channels and english and hindi news papers used to move over the signals of bharatiya janata party. Atal bihari vajpayee and lal krishn advani were their favourite personalities, anything coming out of their mouths used to be spread around the world in no time. In introducing BJP policies among people and making them succeed party cadre contribution used to be just ten percent, rest 90% work media used to do. In 1990 making the rath yatra of BJP centre of attarction to Indians, more part was of media. Then in 1992 sending 'karsewaks' to ajodhya and making it an important event of twentieth century, media played a vital role. Now a days it is being said that taking BJP to the power, leadership of advani had a big controbution, but the truth is that the credit should be given to media. But now this is the time when advani and other people of his party are fedup and annoyed with media. They all try to avoid facing media. More over Mr advani wants that election commission keep an eye on media whose large portion according to him is corrupt and dishonest.

Why revelaing the secret thing ?

Yes , opposition leader expressed his distrust on media infront of a reporter of Indian Express. The discussion was about party's organizational issues but Mr advani at one point turned it towards the elections being held in some states. Said 'election commission should keep an eye on the Fraud taking place including electronic media. A part of media is corrupt and by taking huge amount of money from parties, spread the news as per the political parties wants, many reporters receive the compensation of not reporting against." (3rd sep) Looks like Mr advani is very worried and hurt by the behaviour of media that he compelled to reveal such a thing which he or any other leader of his party in any case would not do at any cost. Because it is completely "inside matter" and "secret thing". Means a special weapon of BJP which it used itself on a large scale. The power of buying the reporters and using media it had, even congress did not have. During ajodhya andolan it was famous that many reporters get two salaries, one from their newspaper or channel and other one from the vishwa hindu parishad's office.

Media is a buy and sell stuff

Indian media is a saleable stuff. This fact is not hidden from atleast those who in some manner related with media or have the conscientous of current affairs and keep an eye on media. Surely some journalists, because of their political association or loyalty support parties, organisations and personalities but most of the journalists do it for money, popularity and luxuries. This is the point to learn for political parties that the general voters are not for anyone forever, media is also not anyone's. Things which make TRP increase and money can be made, only those are presented in a sunpense creating manner. Now it can be guessed by this, that in the name of terrorism to defame muslims, their organisations, institutions and individuals how easily media can be used, and who can use it. More over this act become even poisonous that many reporters themselves are communal. Thus in any matter of violence government agencies leave it after doing ten percent of the work of actual target and rest 90 percent media does. Now if BJP got some sense then it should try to reapir media as well along with its own building. nothing will happen just by calling election commission.

07/09/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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