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Commenting on Varun Gandhi’s diatribe against Muslims, a contributor to the Letters to the Editor column of the Hindu of 20 March Mr N Divakar has mentioned an important truth. He says “Varun has laid bare the communal politics of the BJP and the sangh parivar. What the BJP apologists and leaders were doing covertly through their so-called cultural organisations, Varun has done openly, albeit at a wrong time. The politics of communal hate and venom, with full state support, is quite evident in Gujarat and Karnataka where the saffron party is in power.”
When an individual makes comments like those of Varun, we need to look how was his/her mind was shaped, who shaped it and inspired him/her. Varun Gandhi is an immature youngster, speaking the language his elders and mentors have been using, be he the ‘hero of Gujarat’ or the Mahant of UP. Same was the language widely spoken during the Ayodhya movement. Recorded tapes are still available.
This Has Been Going on for Over Eighty Years
To say that ‘BJP leaders have been doing this covertly’ is limited only to the BJP which is the political face of the so called Hindutva parivar, comprising of the VHP, Bajrang Dal etc. The mother of all these outfits is the RSS, which has systematically pursued the policy of spreading hatred against minorities for over eighty years. It is this organization which assigns different roles to its offshoot like the BJP, VHP or Bajrang Dal. They are also instructed when and how to change tactics according to the situation. Even the BJP keeps different masks for different situations, like that of AB Vajpayi and LK Advani. RSS also reveals its ideology and history in its literature as well as in curricula.
Then Who is the Real Loser?
RSS aims at moulding the cultural scene of the country according to its own ideology after taking political control of the country. It claims to make India a prosperous and strong nation militarily as well as socially. It has adopted the path of Hindutva to achieve its objective. One needs to see if the mindset it is trying to build can really make a the country prosperous, strong and also cordial for all its inhabitants. The Sangh’s advice to the ‘Hindu nation’ is that it needs not to be fair and honest with minorities and can spread as many fallacies against them as possible. In other words the organization wants to turn the majority of the population into deceitful and unfair people. Now can a nation be strong and prosperous with such a character? While no parent will ever like their children to embellish such personality traits, this patriotic organization wants the whole nation adorn these qualities. Citizens like N Divakar should seriously think that who will ultimately be the real loser if such a philosophy is widely spread.
25/03/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: M H Zulqarnain

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  1. Ghulam Mohiyuddin8 April 2009 at 07:20

    The sanghis know that taking anti-Muslim positions wins them votes. It is the easiest way to make the Hindutva vote bank grow. They cannot give up their cash cow! Their goal however remains destruction of secularism and creation of Hindu Rashtra. We need to remind them again and again that theocratic form of government has made Pakistan a failed state and has kept Saudi Arabia in the ranks of the most backward countries in the world, and that the most successful countries in the world today are those that espouse democracy and secularism.