The will for acting on agenda

"We have decided to act on our agenda, whatever happens. If it takes five ten years more to come in power, it does not matter. We will not withdraw from our association with hindutva. We started our work with hindutva ideology and we will get motivation from it. That is why we will not compromise in hindutva matter, at any cost." The all India president of BJP Rajnath Singh expressed this determination on 26th July in lucknow in an important state meeting of the party. (Indian Express, 27th July). After 16th May, like all other party meetings, in this meeting as well, the question was discussed as why party did not do well, and what should it do in future. About future plan, a faction of the party is talking about withdrawing from hindutva agenda, the same time many are openly insisting on acting upon hindutva. President of BJP in lucknow represented the same mindset. Nonetheless it is not told. and it was never told as what hindutva is ? Need to tell that leaders probably did not feel as the hindutva of the party is obvious from the statements, policies and activities.

And what Congress is doing ?
But now, according to the party president, Party wants to go on hindutva way, thus it has to clearly explain to the voters as what hindutva is ? What are its compositions. If it is wishing to implement the cultural nationalism of RSS , then it does not need to bother. Congress party is doing this more efficiently and systematically, but silently. BJP wanted the domination of hindi, congress governments did that. It wanted the inaugurations of government projects with bhoomi poojan and by breaking coconut, congress is doing the same. Government programs are starting with vandematram and saraswati vandana. On 26th July, in Vishakhapatnam while leaving the sub marine, prepared with the thirty crore thousands of the government treasure, sikh prime minister of congress and his wife, by doing a dharmic (religious) formality and breaking coconut did not they act on the favourite culture of RSS ? In 1980 (Indira Gndhi coming back in power) was this action common ? And the funny thing is that all these things are happening without any change in the secular constitution. What else Bharatiya Janata Party wants ?

The actual agenda is implemented too.
And as far as the actual and hidden agenda of the party is concerned, the ruling party implementing that very well too. Cast system, like before, exists and is strong. "Higher Casts" like always are flourishing and with the help of America the country's economy is concentrated in the hands of a particular cast. And if controlling the muslim citizen is the question, BJP is watching that in case of terrorism what is the behaviour of congress and its government. After 26th November events, in what direction it is going. What is happening with muslim youth. Has not the government made the tougher laws than those which BJP always demanded ? And by sachar commitee report government did not convince it that in government jobs muslims situation is not good. Could BJP adopt the more aggressive stand than what congress has taken ? Could BJP go any more than Congress in pleasing America ? Least is that there is no point in BJP existense, it has nothing to do now. If anything is left, that is demolishing masjids, implementing uniform civil code, and making the country gujrat, thus BJP should have talks with Congress, and the answer to that will be that now it is not at all required.
01/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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