Misbehaviour with Bible

Recently there was a Bible show in Glasgow city of Britain. This was held by Tax Payers council of Britain. Different editions of different times of the holy book of christian faith were presented. A copy of very old time was kept as well. In these type of shows usually a register is kept in which the viewers write their comments and feedback. In this show as well, the register might have been put. But the viewers started writing on the copies of the Bible itself. Or may be with all the copies some blank papers were added. On which the viewers wrote their feedback. The thing making news out of this news is that some individuals wrote such vulgar, immoral and embarrasing sentences that according to agencies, which are not mentionable. (Siasat / 29th July). Organizers invited the homosexuals too. Perhaps thinking that by seeing Bible they may get corrected. But nothing like that happened. Contrary to that people have thrown arrows of criticism over Bible. Over this misbehaviour, the anger of the leader of catholic christians Pope Benedict is quite natural. He condemned the event harshly. He bashed at the organizers as well that why this type of show was held.

The point which needs attention
Upto this point there is nothing special in this news. Anger of Pope is valid too. The point which need attention was the reference of Quran in Pope's statement. After hearing about misbehaviour with Bible the Pope Benedict 16th very angrily said: "Can anyone dare to do such misbehaviour with The Qura'an." Very honest and true depiction the pope made. Surely any person who think and call himself a Muslim can not do that with the holy book of Islam. If anyone else do it, can not tolerate. It is of pleasure that the pope knows atleast a fundamental reality about muslim nation and Islam. Thus, now the question ahead of him is that why is it so ? If muslims respect their book (which actualy of all human beings) why they respect and if Christians do not do that, then why do they not ? And this point is quite interesting too, as being a Leader of a worldwide religion, whose followers are over 200 crores, America and Europe are whose patron, is asking to learn from the followers of a religion, against which, there is propaganda day and night, and the followers of which are defamed worldwide, and followers of which are passing through a very hard time of the history.

Witness of a Christian Justice
Before the answer to the question raised by chief pontiff is sought, citing one more statement in favour of the pontiff's statement looks suitable. In 1989, addressing a meeting of christian intellectuals in Nairobi University, chairman of Law Reforming Commission of Kenya, Justice Emmanuel Okoba said: "After twenty years of experience as a Majistrate and High Court Judge, as a result, i have seen a big difference between the behaviour of christians with Bible and behaviour of muslims with Qura'an, if a muslim in any case, has to testify by taking oath of Qura'an, 75% of his testification will be true, but if any christian, holding Bible if testify, beleive me the only thing he will say true is just his name." Justice also appealed the chritians that take Bible seriously and respect Bible the same way Muslims do respect Qura'an. (Book 'News and Insight', with reference to Daily Nations). It is known that Christian intellectuals and religious leaders comprehend the real situation since a long time. Now the question is about the situation. The honest fact is that, for this, the new and previous religious leadership of chritian faith is responsible.

The concealed invitation for priests
And that is, the christian clerics did nothing to keep Bible safe in its original format and language. They themselves ruined its teachings. Changed the context. If they could have saved its originality, there could not have been so many different and contradictory editions. The maliciousness of priests left Bible to be criticisable for christians themselves. And the biggest extortion which chritian leaders did with the personality of Jesus the Messiah, whihc is the proof of their maliciousness, that they renounced the book in which the testimonial of Jesus and his prophecy is demonstratedly mentioned. Not only they rejected but also sought enemity with that. And the enemity is also such that the teachings related to Jesus which resemble even with Bible, were codemnable to the priests. After such misdemeanor with Bible, how come the priests expect the respectfulness from the informed and conscientious chritians. We do not say that in the common christian behaviour there is any affect of the behaviour of christian religious leaders which they have towards Islam. But this is for sure that not being satisfied with Bible teachings many virtuous people in the west are coming towards Islam. In their behaviour, there is a hidden invitation for priests as well, to think again about their behaviour towards The Qura'an and Islam.
10/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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