A reality which was obscured

In 1999 an Indian passenger airplane being hijacked, and from Khandahar airport bringing it back in return of some pakistani terrorists, and the events of outcry after that might be fresh in many people's minds. This incident took place in the period of BJP's central government when Atal bihari vajpayee was prime minister, Lal krishn advani was home minister and Jaswant singh was foreign minister. Opposition Congress uproar against the matter was questioning that why the dangerous terrorists were released in return of the passengers lives. They not only were released but foreign minister by himself took them in an special airplane and handed over at Khandahar airport to their friends. BJP (NDA) government in this case just kept giving explanation. Lal krishn advani deliberately ignored. Later on he claimed that foreign minister taking the terrorists along with him, was not in his knowledge. In this entire argument a reality, which was obvious like day light, was hidden. This reality was never let be the topic of the debate. Media kept quite illfully, informed people were left wondered.

What had happened before Khandahar
But now Mr Jaswant Singh had started the discussion of the reality. After his expulsion from BJP over his book release about Mohammed Ali Jinah and in the debate after that he reminded people of the country that airplane landed at Amritsar before going to Khandahar. Passengers could have been freed there itself by taking action there, but no action had been taken there. Plan was let to fly from there. For not taking action and to let plane go from there, Jaswant singh calls Home Ministry responsible, of which Mr Advani was the chief. If action were taken in Amritsar, Khandahar situation could not have been occured. (Hindustan Times, Page 10, 24th August). Reminder of Mr Singh might have led many to recall that plane IC-814 before landing in Khandahar tried to land in Gulf and Pakistan too, but could not get permission. During the same time it landed in Punjab at Amritsar airport and stayed for a long time. When no action had been taken, peacefully flied away. Outcry started when the plane reached Khandahar and hijackers presented their demands.

The actual reason of outcry?
One more very important thing should be recalled. Taliban or their regime had nothing to do with plane hijacking. They mediated unbiased. Tried to make the safety of passengers sure. Provided water and food to them. Co-operated totally with the Indian Government. This was the reason after coming back Mr Jaswant singh thanked Taliban and their government and praised their cooperation. (Foreign minister's statements are present on record and those days news papers files can be referred.) But just after few days Taliban were also being scolded. Means politics started. Then in that politics the actual role of Taliban obscured. Amritsar and Taliban reality could have been remained obscured if BJP does not make fuzz over Jaswant Singh's book, and Jaswant singh did not dare to speak truth. There are many realities like this which are hidden by inhuman politics. Mr Sigh's actual statement is just that, the plane landed in Amritsar and no action had been taken at that time and home ministry was responsible for that. But by this statement many facts relating to the incident are coming out. The reason for the outcry over the book release is also could be the same that many realities with regards to the partition of India may come out.
28/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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