The first lesson of innocent girl

A detailed report about the cruelty on the dalit families in Uttar Pradesh and the inhuman behaviour of the society with them, was published in Asian Age of 20th July. In the foreword of the report, a lady reporter Amita Verma mentioned about the first day experience of an innocent girl, at a government school, was like this. "6 years old Maya was very happy that morning as she was all prepared to go to school for the first time, her family members were happy too. Mother gave her bath, did beautify her, made her wear the school uniform. When she reached in the class room, she sat with other kids. She just had sit there and the school teacher spilled the poison in her ears. "O girl, stand up and go and sit in that corner, you can not sit with these kids." Then she came to know that she belongs to a lower cast that is why she is made to sit seperate from others. And this way it is the first lesson that Maya got in her first time in school." In the same report, with reference to a NGO, 'Maqsad' it was told that in the 90% of the government schools in Uttar Pradesh, there is discrimination against the dalit kids, where as the government over there is of a dalit woman. The news about the denial of eating the food cooked by dalit women in the schools keep coming every other day.

Something else
In The Times of India, 27th July, its reporter Sabodh Ghildiyal showed with reference to a survey that even though the tough laws against the cruelty on dalits are present, people fear them too, also the dalit community has come into the striking position, countrywide the untouchability is continued. The situation in rural areas is worst. The statistics of the different type of hurtful harrassment were given too. Again on 3rd August a detailed report of Shobha John was published which comprised of many journalists reports. In that one also, it was showed with supporting statistics that where and what type of harrassment is faced by dalits in the country. Right during these news reports, in the evening of 4th August a news from Maharashtra has come that the state government had decided to implement tough sections of the central law regarding scheduled cast and tribes. Any village where any of the dalit family or any its individual is harrassed, the entire village will be penalized and its development fund will be decreased. After Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra is the second state where most of the tyranny exists against dalit casts.

This is just a glimpse
These reports about the cruelty against dalit casts just show a glimpse of the actual situation. The problem is more complex and wider than that. It is noticed that when these reports come, they come for many days continuously, but when do not, remain quite for weeks. More over the reporting style also depends on the reporters, as what mind set they are of. About media it is not required to tell as in whose hands it is. ____ This situation of cruelty with dalit cast... though government had made very tough laws to eliminate it. Also for supervising the implementation of these laws and for protection of the dalits a national commission has been established as well. Central and state governments do lot of things for the betterment of these communities. Apart from these, numerous NGo's are active for their welfare. Dalit politics is on its peak these days. But the cruelty against them is not stopping at all. The rural communities and their illiterate families and poor communities keep shouting and crying anyway, in the cities, educated dalits and higher government officials complain about the discrimination as well. That is because a brahmin janitor hates his I.A.S. officer.
13/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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