India, Pakistan, China

  • In 3rd August Asian, an ex higher navy officer, Vice admiral Arun Kumar singh wrote in his article that India has lost many chances of finishing Pakistan or getting victory over. Right now Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism and process of breaking apart. Thus India has no choice but to wait for it to break.
  • On 7th August in the Asian Age, a bengali brahmin living in Mumbai Shyamal kumar chatterji called the article of navy officer an expression of patriotism, but did not agree with the thing that there should be wait to see Pakistan breaking but wrote that the present crisis of Pakistan is a good chance for India. Taking advantage of it Pakistan should be broken into peices and for this cause the long term national policy has to be derived. This is need of the hour.
  • On 10th August chief of navy admiral suresh mehta said addressing an important meeting of naval officers that " In the power and strength and military and economic progress there is no comparison of India and China, India is far behind. Thus the common sense demands that instead of any type of tension better to be with mutual cooperation and friendship. In traditional and non-traditional both type of military skills China is much more farther than us. (Indian Express / 11th August).

India and China
  • According to the Indian Express and Mail Today of 12th August in one of the websites of China, which is beleived that, belongs to the semi-governmental scholars of China, an article has been published in which it is said that for the stabilization of China and for the betterment of the Asia it is necessary that India be divided into some twenty , thirty pieces, which is possible with little effort of China. According to the article, in the history India was never been one nation or a united country. It is the collection of different nations and identities which the disintegrating hinduism keeps bound to a cast system and an exploitism. It is said in the article that China should help the seperatists in Assam, Nagaland, Kashmir, and Tamil Nadu. After the break down of Indian Federation, China can take its 90,000 Sq Km land (Arunachal Pradesh) to which it calls south tibbet.
  • The Indian Foreign Ministry raised objection over the article, and advised China to be carefull in this regard, so that relations do not get affected. Along with that foreign ministry officials named the article from a Chinese website as the personal opinion of some analyst, means that is not the stand of Chinese government. (Indian Express / 12th August) Chinese article was posted on 8th of April

Two facts are obvious

There are many aspects of this information, but two facts are very obvious. 1) Every stronger one wants to harm the one who is weaker. 2) Every weaker one does not appear as wishing to upset its stronger counterpart but wants to weaken it with all other methods. Our country's policy is according to the chanakya teachings. A philiosopher kotla alias chanakya of some two three thousand years ago, derived some regulations for society and government under the brahmin system of 'varn vyavastha'. His book is popular with the name "Arth Shastr". According to him, do not make any powerful neighbour angry. Treat him with friendship and soft corner, whereas keep weak neighbours under fear, unrest and unprotected, and harrass them so that they obey you. If observed, most of the countries seem to act on this policy. China is a big power but not so big that it can challenge America. That is why China keeps quite on the American bullying in the world. Today there is no any material power bigger than America. If tomorrow, any one comes up, America will behave the same way as India does with China or China with America. Now the question is that, is this situation good for the world and the humanity ? No, it is disasterous. Thus, the world and the humanity needs a central moral power which can establish justice on earth. Save oppressed, weakened and insignificant. Control the oppressors, power holders and weighty. And that moral and spiritual power undoubtedly is Islam.
19/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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