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Release of the Book of Mr Jaswant Singh about Mohammed Ali Jinah and Partition of India and reaction over that is an important and unusual event in the politics after freedom. Mr Singh tells about the background and the motive behind his research, that he thought to write on the facts about the partition ten years ago when Vajpayee went to Pakistan with the bus. But five years before this thought got stronger and making Mohammed Ali Jinah a focal point, he started digging facts about partition and started writing down the outcome of his study. The reaction over Mr Sigh's book "Jinah - India - Partition and Freddom" is of two types. The liberal minded researchers and analysts praised it calling it a research study, the same time BJP had made a big fuzz against it. Congress reaction is in control at large, though Congress and its leadership is also named responsible for the situation at the time of partition. But BJP lost its control in anger, just because the book held Sardar Patel's behaviour responsible as well for the partition of India along with the Congress and Nehru. For this 'crime' party expelled Mr Singh and imposing the ban on this book in its states.

The important thing is negative reaction
This is the innovation era of Internet and media. This matter spread all over the world. In Europe and America also this is being taken interestingly. And the fact is also that, the important is the reaction over the book rather than the book. This reaction in itself is very meaningful and on its own telling the realities which were there behind the partition of India. Non-aligned and truth loving people might be noting many things. The criticism on BJP and its parivar is just little if said as party is opposing a research work and freedom of expression, also Sardar Patel was not Mahasabha or Sangh guy, he was a Congressman and as a Home Minister of Congress Government he imposed the ban on RSS when Gandhiji was killed. Then why BJP looks at him as its hero, whereas looks at Congress and Nehru as enemy... The matter is not just of Congress or BJP, this is all about a mentality, the mentality which created the situation of partition. By its injustice, not keeping promise, lies and cheekiness made a patriotic individual like Mohammed Ali Jinah upset from the battle of freedom.

Take part in the debate
The partition of India is a big incident, which actually affected the muslims of Indian Sub continet. The reasons for partition and the elements responsible for that are not those which are shown, but some what else. The cast system and political philosophy of Chanakya is a very big factor in that. Because of the unrest of situation sub continent muslims are quite in this matter since 62 years. Indian muslims in particular, made feel guilty of the crime and that is why their toungue is shut. The emotional muslims of Pakistan are happy that they got an independent state. They are uncocerned with the benefit of Ummah and the humanity at large. The Bangla nationality is stamped over Bangadesh muslims. These are the Indian muslims who are under the pressure of an artificial majority since 62 years. This all trouble is just beacuse of the fact that the actual reasons and objectives of the partition are not brought forward. That is because the domination of so called majority all depends on it. It is not like the efforts to bring forward these realities are not made. Many books on this topic in India and Britain are published. In 1989 book of H.M.Serwai "Partition of India , Myth and reality" was a historic document. Anyway muslim scholars and learned people always avoided this debate. But now an important document came into picture by a very experienced leader. Muslim scholars should express their reaction. But this reaction should be free from the psychological fear and be comprising of the facts.
25/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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