Why is there disquiet in Europe?

The discussion on the issue of hijab in France is being dragged day by day and the western mass media is presenting the matter in such a way as if this has divided the French society into two parts. It should be recalled that France is home to a large Muslim population and the reason for this is that geographically France is closer to the west and since ancient times France has connections with the west. Large number of Muslim immigrants from the west are still settled here. Once upon a time France ruled Algeria, in this way also the to and fro movement of Muslims from Algeria is going on since a long time. Even today a considerable amount of Algerian Muslims are settled in France. Other than this natives from various Muslim countries in North Africa are also living here. Like other European countries, France is also facing the problem of immigrants. Although the presence of immigrants is their compulsion as well as need, because France like other European and western countries requires hard working people. Like the other European countries the birth rate is decreasing here and the average life span is increasing which is creating a big issue for these countries and the issue is the fast decline in the labour class. Working class includes skilled as well as semi skilled people. High class professionals also fall under this category and at this time the European countries are is facing shortage of such people at all levels. This deficit is fulfilled by foreign people. Therefore this is their problem that they cannot get rid of these people, so now the foreigners live here with their traditions, culture and beliefs. They cannot be deprived of this. This is so because the western countries call themselves the flag bearers of democracy and chant the slogans of religious freedom.

This is not an issue of France alone rather all European and western countries are affected by it. Now the Muslim population which is present here or the one which is coming, is on one hand a part and parcel of the western culture and on the other hand such people are also present who not only want to preserve their own culture, they also have the burning desire to inspire others with the blessed system. When they presented this blessed system, then it created a stir among the local people because since ages the west has invested all his efforts in search for serenity. His restless soul did not get respite anywhere. He did many experiments, became a hippie, and followed various other paths but his soul did not find solace anywhere. This restlessness and search of tranquillity attracted him towards the blessed system too. Thereby a process of embracing this blessed system started. But some people did not like this act because it threatened to shatter their dreams of monarchy. Therefore they devised such a plan that they engulfed the whole world in a kind of fear. They presented the divine system as a nightmare. At this time in Europe and anywhere else in the world where people are made to dream this this nightmare, their real aim is to stop the advancing steps of the world towards this divine system. New ways have been devised for this. Some where the matter of hijab is raised while at other places selected and divine personalities are targeted in the name of religious freedom. Recent Presidential elections in Iran is also being used for the same aim and there is an attempt to keep the people in the west in a state of constant fear.

01/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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