What the slogan of New World Order was?

In the early 90's when Washington raised the slogan of New World Order, everyone was looking at it with his own eyes, and making assumptions as per his thoughts and mindset. This was the time when the 65 years long cold war with Soviet Union was over and the shade of unipolar system was roving around the world. Then in the Gulf, first by making Saddam Hussain to occupy Kuwait and immediately after crushing Iraq America the brave, gave a message to the world that what it likes, is going to happen in the world now. Any country, will be made its friend, loyal and obedient, the way it likes. Who ever will disobey will be destroyed. Any country which will be a danger for the terrorism of Israel, will be crushed. For those who keep an eye on the history of oppressors and transgressors, it was not difficult to understand that, ideologically, any system which will come to parellel with the American system, has to face the war which was raged to eradicate Russia 65 years ago. But still most of the countries in the world were neither fully aware of the ultimate goal of America, nor they had any problem with it. As such, that many among them did not even care about their traditional culture, their civilization and morality.

This tendency towards the western values.
This was the reason that countries were changing the loyalty fast, bunch over bunch were going into American fold, those countries who had soft corner already, also those who were immaculately loyal to Soviet Union. These countries not only just accepted the American style economics by moving ahead but also gave a good eye for anything which came along with that. And our country too is one among those countries who blindly laid the eyes and heart in the way of American life-style. Opened all the doors for everything coming in the name of Globalization. In the name of birth control not only just allowed the sexual amiss but also encouraged it and took part in its growth with the help of the world health organisation funds for radio, television and newspapers advertisement and started such announcements and advertisements that the virtuous people felt it suffocating. Abortion is no more a crime. Even every facility for that is available, no matter what sort of pregnancy is that. The nuisance of sex education in the educational institutions is the reward of that same globalization and American life style. This type of many imitations are being adopted in the name of progress. The culture of metro cities is turning very fast into American culture.

The recent example of passionate love.
And the recent example of this passionate love with western values is that verdict of the Delhi high court which was given on 2nd July in a Homosexuality related case. This judgement has given a new life for an unusual type of cursed men and women, that they will become more free, fearless, bold, and shameless. Lady president of the Naz foundation who is fighting for their case said, "Now India has entered in the 21st centuary in true meaning." Government is silent. Congress is looking here and there. BJP as a political party is quite. Media is just talking pointless and rubbish. Virtuous people are breathless. And those who keep an eye on the trend of country's affairs are asking as if this type of verdict was possible 20 years ago ? Not just this, any such cursed thing and any such moral distraction a while ago was possible ? Western world is very worried by the population of India. America by the institutions at its own expense teaching the ways to control population to the Government of India. Is this decision of promoting the homosexuality, continuation of the same.? Is this love towards western values is suitable for any self-esteemed country who has its own moral values ? If this is not the fascination for materialistic progress of the west and not the emergence of the American friendship, then what else it is ?
10/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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