These Allusions against The Veil (Hijab)

If Nicholas sarkozy would have just said as "The Veil (Hijab) is not acceptable in France", his purpose could be over, and his comment would have been taken as it is taken in other western countries. But by mentioning the reasons for not accepting the veil, he weakened his case (It was not strong earlier though). The allusions French President made against the veil (hijab), if analyze media, those come as follows, 1) This seems like taking away the freedom of women making them slaves. 2) The veil (hijab) makes women slave and 3) makes them helpless. 4) This is making women forcibly obedient and following. 5) The veil takes women away from their foundation. 6) Cuts them out from social life. 7) Seizes their identity from women. 8) Making covered in clothe hide womens faces. 9) Takes away women's honour from them. Where these allusions of Sarkozy show the literal ignorance of him about Islam and Islamic values, the same time, the usual prejudice of Europe too becomes visible. Their only support is the propaganda which is aggressively continues now a days to defame Islamic values. Anyway this criticism about the veil by Sarkozy looked funny, because he is a guy of playful nature, a while ago he married a very early age model.

From another perspective
It was very painful for muslim, Sarkozy's comments, as by the national and international media their views expressd, but if looked by another perspective, this is a golden chance for presenting the Islamic values to the international community. The background of the French President's comments is that, there about sixty (60) members of the Parliament run a movement for making a Parliamentary commission to study the veil and finally ban it completely. But, muslims there, are against the commission being suggested. Like the President of the representing Muslim Council of France, Mohammed Musawi told that, by this, the chance of defaming muslims be raised. Why such inferiority ? It has to be thrown away. It is actually western nations who have inferiority complex. They are afraid of the moral strength of Islam that it will eat up their disgraceful society. Sarkozy actually made the task easy for muslims. Means whatever he could say against the veil, he did. Nothing more to say for him. Very stupid, baseless and contrary allusions, which can easily be rejected.

Prepare for debate
The muslim citizen of France should prepare for debate. If commission is formed, muslim groups should appear and Introduce the Islamic system of life, because to understand the veil, understanding the Islamic way of life is necessary. But before hand it should be made clear that freedom of women, honour and grace, woman's chaste and immaculate (The people of west probably not even aware of these words) and what should be the standard of her progress and protection ? West has its own standards and Islam has a standard too. It should be questioned as the grace of woman is in making her an entertaining, sex toy and to make her a means to sell luxury stuff, or to protect her natural shyness, and to provide her all freedom and facilities to build a family ? It should also be asked to commission that the veil is woman's freedom or slavery ? force or choice ? who will decide that ? The lawmaking body of France or those women who observe the veil (hijab) ? In the first stage, the survey of muslim women in france should be done as what their opinion is. After that those converted muslim women should be asked in Europe and America who by leaving the "freedom" why adopted "slavery" of the veil (hijab) ? Commission should be knowing that it would find a lot of muslim women who do not observe the veil but none among them see the faults which Sarkozy has counted on.
01/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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