News Coming from Pakistan

It seems by the news coming from pakistan that the government there is busy day and night to crush the "terrorism" within the country, in the name of taliban killing those muslims who are practising religious commandments, intimate, self-esteemed and run madarsahs, or look by appearance like Afghanistan's Taliban. Government of Pakistan calls them all terrorists or supporters of terrorists. A large portion of Pakistani media too says that. And America has given this agenda to government of Pakistan. On Pak-Afghan border America is present with all its strength and controling the entire Pakistan. "President" Zardari and "Prime Minister" Geelani are just the puppets. To the disliked citizen of Pakistan to America, one side, the Pakistani agencies, police and Pakistan army is killing and the other side America is directly killing. A drone named plane just bombard from where ever it wants. Actions against "terrorists" is on everyday, and their alleged bases are destroyed. Along with this, news reports are also coming that the government of Pakistan is tightening the cuff on those whom India government accused as the planners of Mumbai attacks and ordered pakistan to take action against them.

And the Government of India and Media
But if the statements of India government and media reporting and analysis are observed, it seems that the government of pakistan is doing one and only one thing and that is the terror activities against India. The accusation is not just that pakistan land is being used for that but the pakistan as a country and as its policy, doing that, like Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Deputy foreign minister, foreign affairs secretary, national security advisor, Home Minister, deputy home minister showing the entire world day and night. And like the recent statement of Prime Minister which he gave on board a flight while coming back from Italy on 11th July talking to media, "We in Italy, in the G8 and G5 meetings and before that urged the world leaders that pressurise Pakistan to leave the way of terror and adopt the way of friendship." Indian rulers have no interest that what pakistan government is doing to crush its own citizen whom America labled as terrorists, they just say that Pakistan stop terror activities against India. It looks like that the structure of entire Foreign Affairs, policies and planning is prepared keeping only Pakistan in consideration. S.M.Krishna after taking charge as Foreign Minister, first statement (within few minutes of oath) was that Pakistan punish the culprits of Mumbai attacks.

Un-aligned thinking
In this situation, an unaligned analyst can think that why government of India is so worried taking Pakistan whereas there is no equality in between the two countries from any aspect. Pakistan is passing through the worst days of its history. Rulers have surrendred the country to America and carrying out its every order. It looks obvious that the present rulers there, have no concern for the existence or survival of Pakistan. To India government as well, such friendly, more-over obedient rulers in Pakistan were never found before. Any responsibility which is being put from here, it is being accepted there. No resistance, no hesitation. Thus against such already dead country, statement every morning and evening and campaigning is appropriate for a great and strong country who wants to become the considerable power of the world ? Our foreign ministry does not have anything left ? And by this the world analysts will not take the outcome as if the scope of our foreign ministry has become limited after the close friendship and relations with America ? And if this is to keep that patriotism or that political group which jump around by raising such sensitive and provoking issues, then Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan singh and central cabinet should farseeingly think that is this way helpful to make our country prosperous and a big power ?
16/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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