Khan Market , Atar and Urdu

It is revealed that on 16th October in Madgaun of Goa the blast which has taken place, in which two people Malkonda patil and Yogesh nayek died. At this event police obtained few things which were meant to show the event as blast has been done by muslims. But this could be shown as such when patil and nayek succeed in their task, means by leaving explosive material in the selected place and escape from there. Blast could take place at the crowd of deewali resulting many people to die. Then on a large scale news would come that “from the place of blast a shopping bag is found on which Khan Market Delhi is written. A bottle of atar and a basmati rice which has urdu writing on it is also found. After that, with reference to police some muslim group name would have been taken (this time perhaps “goa mujahideen’ would be discovered) and media in no time would spread it through out the world and start connecting the links from one to another end. But more dangerous than that thing would could happen were the communal tension start in goa and in other states too evil minded elements would start jumping around. But this time too the divine wish was the same which was in nanded and kanpur earlier. That is the people fabricating the plot fell victim to their own plot.

Are these silly evidences
Some people can think that Patil and nayek were stupids who were doing this with such silly evidences, then it is be clarified that they were neither stupids nor unaware. Whatever they were doing, were doing knowingly. They were experienced and wanted to carry on their task as per the method they usually do. Now if the bomb blasted before they wanted, then it is not their fault. This method is being used through out the country since a long time. And ‘evidences’ are why silly? Where the police and media consider these evidences as ‘solid’ there the general public easily will also believe it. This is the proven and successful method of police and secret service agencies. While doing this terrorists always keep the complete and solid proof with them so that for police to identify and to reach to a conclusion there should not be any difficulty. They do not forget to put their id cards, diaries written in urdu and their planning maps. Sometime even Holy Quran , Islamic books and the praying beads are found with them. In last eight years wherever terror events took place, the same thing happened in most of them, and that is how malgonda patil and yogesh nayek did not do anything wrong. Now the thing which is to happen, happens anyway, like it happened in kanpur and nanded.

Something special in Goa
But there is an unusual thing in Goa that is the inquiry agencies and police seem to be sincere in knowing the truth and efforts to knowing facts. From the place of accident, findings of misleading evidences, though after 23 days but still is not any usual. Giving the news about it Indian Express (8th Nov) reporter Prashant rangnekar from Mumbai writes “ A police officer on the condition of anonymity said that to create the communal tension these things were good enough. Outside elements too could easily use it to make the situation worsened.” But it is hard to tell that this trend of knowing the facts and truth will reach to its fruitful end. Exact an year before after malegaon blasts actual criminals unveiled, the same thing happened. During the peak of unveiling news, 26th Nov events took place and malegaon events were just forgotten like nothing had happened there. Now as Goa facts are moving further, news coming that “lashkar toiba” is planning to attack on a large scale. Sometimes it becomes inevitable to believe that this “lashkare toiba” is for sure is linked with these anti-muslim circles of India, otherwise atleast at this point do not plan to attack.
13/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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