Burqa (veil) and Bikni

"I have two different pictures of women hanging on the well in my room. One is of a woman who is wearing burqa (veil) and is covered head to toe as such that no one can see anything through. In another picture there is only bikni on one woman and everyone can see through everything. These two extremes are the symbol of so called "civilization conflict". In any civilization the role of women is considered pivotal. I am not the expert on the situation of muslim women nor I am the advocate of Burqa. But i defend the values which burqa represents. To me, burqa is the demonstration of woman's modesty and blessedness. The centre of concentration of a muslim woman is her home which she makes and runs. Raise children and help grown-ups. Contrary to that bikini wearing woman is actually nude. On the main roads and on TV show up herself infront of lakhs of people. Actually she is such a property which is no ones but still every one's. She keeps selling herself off in the market. In America the civil standard of the woman is her sexual attarction. As this attraction disappears, she vanish from the scene and surrounded with several problems. Compelled to live in helpless condition.
Whose comparision is that
This comparison of bikini and nurqa is not by any muslim analyst, it is from a world renowned western analyst henry makow. (www.henrymakow.com ) Henry makow is a Canadian Switzerland immigrant citizen and he has an expert view over the situation and events taking place there. He is christian by religion. Over iraq and afghanistan occupation of america he thinks that this is nothing but taking away from uslims their natural resources and making them loose their religious values. To zionism he thinks enemy of christianity as well along with islam. To feminism means western women movement he says is a plot against making human society imbalanced. Makow also received readers views over his comparision. Most of them expressed positive views. Even those rival analysts who write against islamic values all the time adapting a soft style. Means anti islamic analyust peerey had to say as " Burqa and bikini both represent the slavery of woman." (whereas to peerey till now only muslim woman was the slave and suppressed) A young man and his gril friend from america wrote that this anlaysis made them think a lot.
This beleif got strength
By this anlaysis of henry makow this beleif got strengthened that the third eye of people is looking with deeper and unaligned eye towards the situation which has been created against islam and muslims by western conspiracies. Where most of the countries and their people by accepting american imperialism and its global agenda knowingly and unknowingly and gave them selves in mental slavery, there are some foresighted and just people who are concerned over this situation. In euorope and america itself the number of these type of people are increasing who are raising voice over america's campaign against islam. And warning the world against the dangerous impacts of the american imperialism agenda. A large number among them is that who is attracted towards islam due to the western countries campaign against islamic values and muslim countries and injustice and wants to honestly see what is the fundamental difference between islamic beleif and western culture. This faction can be benefited by the findings of henry makow. There is a need that young people using internet spread these findings to those people on a large scale.
07/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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