Adress to Ram Jeth Malani

What did you say that “ For global terrorism wahabi sect is responsible as it, by filling the poison in the minds of muslim youth, lead them to the way of terrorism.” It is true that on 21st November conference in Vigyan havan of Delhi where you spoke, that was international conference of judges over terrorism, you were supposed to say something over this topic. But if you say, you could have said something responsibly and something of your standard. Whatever political inclination you got, you are known as an outspoken and straight forward speaking legal expert, and by that aspect we value you. Taking your profession you do not even care about your own political circle. It should be remembered that when in 1996 BJP’s first government was formed for 13 days and you were made its Law Minister, then in one statement by clearly ruling out the concept of uniform civil code you had said that “This is not practical.” Even after that your fair speaking came forward over few matters. But by declaring Shaik Abdul Wahab of seventeenth century as a bad man , and by holding him responsible for todays terrorism you proved to be irresponsible, uninformed and lacking awareness. Atleast from you this bizarrelyness was not expected.

What that was expected from you
Over the consistency of your image for the straightforwardness, it was expected from you that you raise the question over the reality of international terrorism, show the conference that whatever events are taking place in the name of terrorism many of them are the government dramas and in some countries few silly and anti muslim circles themselves are doing terror activites to defame Islam. If in the world anywhere, really violent activites are taking place then there are reasons behind them. Only you could dare to speak about the reasons. Because in such conferences and statements this aspect is cleverly overshadowed and whoever talks about reasons he is labeled as the supporter of terrorism. But it is the pity that you did not say anything as such and together with everyone else played the same tape which is being played since eight years continuously around the world. You claim that including Islam you are a student of all religions and respect Islam but with this statement it seems that you did not even learned the first lesson of Islam. By this ruthless statement your value is lessened in the hearts of those circles who used to think you are not only informed and aware but also brave and fair spoken.

A benefit surely was there
But one benefit surely is there with your statement. You unconsciously pointed out the goal and target of this two days international conference which the organizers and most of its delegates were expressing only in signals and gestures. To any informed citizen there is no doubt in it as this conference was the continuation of the same campaign which is launched by America worldwide to defame a particular religion and its followers. Behind the conferences of this type American and jewish lobby stands actively. Since in this matter our country too has become ally of America, that is why our government is showing some extra enthusiasm. Though by entire program of this conference the goals and targets were obvious but by your statement its aim can be clear for those protectionists of ummah who want to keep their eyes closed from the trend of events and situation. They can also understand that your statement is the echo of the silliness of that circle which is trying to devide muslims in wahabi and non wahabi sects. At the event of ajmer blasts home minster of that time shiv raj patil had said that this is “wahabis act”. Before that over makkah masjid blasts one so called expert of the security issues bharat verma said on a channel that “This is effort to impose wahabi tradition”.
28/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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