The character of a political group

Where on the one hand Muslims and all gentle citizens are in grief over the state killing of Khalid Mujahid, honest commentators might have been observing how a particular political section in this country is displaying its barbarity. No sooner than the news broke only a few hours after the news of the death of Khalid on 18 May that the state government has accepted the demand of a CBI enquiry into the incident, the representatives of this section cried out: ‘There is no need of it; Khalid has died of illness; it’s a natural death’. Then, like goondas and mischief-mongers, the lawyers of this section attacked two of their fellow lawyers simply because the latter had taken the brief of this case and had participated in the protest march against this killing. More than this is that the representative political party of this section announced that it would extend all possible help to those 42 police officials against whom FIR had been registered in this case. This party is trying to make public opinion in their favour by launching a countrywide campaign; that is it wants to divide the national society once again on the bases of groups and sections.

It is its history
And this destructive political group is not doing this for the first time; it is its history; it is its weapon and method of creating vote bank. This group cannot take a single step without an act of hatred. Till twenty years ago it had some other issues – economic, social and security issues – but all its agenda has been stolen by its rival party. Now it has nothing other than hatred and hollow slogans of patriotism. However, the fact that it has successfully transferred its mental filth to all government institutions and agencies will have to be accepted. It started this work soon after Independence and completed it with much dexterity with the help of history and text books, cultural literature, wide network of educational institutions and media. The institution of police and other security and secret agencies had been its special targets. Therefore, whatever these institutions are doing today is the result of this training and mentality. And all this work is done with the concept of patriotism.

Realize the facts

If these facts are realized full well, it would not require telling whom the oppressed and affected sections of citizens are confronted with. Then there should not be any misunderstanding that this mentality is present in some particular political party; the fact is that it is found in every party and every political and social group. Therefore, whether the case is that of arrest and killing of innocent youth or protection of places of worship and awqaf, they cannot be looked at separately. Undoubtedly, there is Constitution and also law of the land and government institutions on the basis of equality; but how much they have to be acted upon is decided by this mentality. No one can deny that our leaders, our organisations and institutions are doing good work on separate agenda; rehabilitation of the oppressed and affected, following their cases, and making efforts for their reservation in government quotas are indeed great services. But a course of action has to be devised after realizing the real roots of problems and basic causes of the situation. It is good that there is more goodness than evil in this country. A large part of the national population can support truth if their hearts and minds are accessed with wisdom.
25/05/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf   

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