Who is that secret officer?

The officer of secret agencies of Maharashtra, who drafted the circular which dubs G.I.O. in a negative way as a “jihadi” organization, was either not in his senses while writing or was a fool and ignorant of first rank or one who took the Indians so unwise, illiterate and simpleton that they would take his baseless allegations as gospel truth. Or, he must have held this view at least about those working in police stations. According to the Times of India and some other newspapers, G.I.O. is a “jihadi” organization and is recruiting girls for “jihad”. The man drafting this circular has also “revealed” the methods, adopting which this organization is motivating girls. “The purported aim of this organization is to make more and more Muslim women aware of their religion and the holy Quran.” According to the circular, women “are now attracted towards science. These women (GIO) are trying to ask girls to wear a burqa and study Islam.

The question of the Times reporter
It is true that the Indian media, with the help of some foreign forces, has created such an air against Islam and practicing Muslims that people usually believe even the crudest lies dished out against them; no one dares to challenge them. Perhaps, thinking all this, the secret officer might have tried to misguide the police stations as well as the public by concocting this lie about the GIO. But it is not so that the Indians have lost every sense of honor and dignity, and given up doing justice totally. This is why the report of the Times of India felt some indignation at this Satanic life of Maharashtra Special Cell. Therefore, he asked the in-charge of secret cell of the branch, Sanjay Shintre “whether there was any case against the GIO in the state or preaching a particular religion constituted any wrongdoing,” Shintre said, “No. But we are monitoring them.” When a delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra called on the head of the Branch, Mr. Naval Bajaj, he apologised only the leak of the circular, not the circular itself which according to Bajaj was meant for police stations only.

Whither it suggests
 Although this technique of defaming Islam, the Qur’ān and the Muslim Ummah is not new, this campaign of presenting Islam as a dangerous philosophy of life, the Qur’ān as a book with anti-human teachings, the sacred word of jihad as killing and destruction, and the Muslims as a wicked community is basically a Zionist campaign and has been going on for a long time. It has got accelerated after the so-called “9/11”; but the officer of Maharashtra police who drafted this absurd circular has broken all the records of shamelessness. It is a matter of satisfaction that Muslims took no time to see through this mischief and all the Muslim circles have taken notice of it, for this is an indirect, not direct, attack on Islam and the Qur’ān. GIO has been made a mere target. The Muslim leadership in this country, which consists of the various organisations, institutions and individuals, must see, if it can, through what such a mischief suggests, and to which direction anti-national forces are leading the situation to. These mischiefs are done to test the sense of honour and dignity as well as the power of action of Muslims. – The case of Maharashtra circular should be put up with the Union Home Ministry. 

10/04/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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