When there was much hue and cry in Delhi

When there was a demand being put forward by Delhi in December last with utmost force to give the most stringent punishment to the perpetrators of sexual crimes and enact strong laws for them, European women having declared every kind of prostitution as illegal were demanding forcefully to clamp total ban on it – as if there was only one campaign but the nature was different. Indian campaigners were protesting the commission of the crime with force and coercion only, not with any other means viz. with mutual consent, remuneration, financial gain, any other enticement, coaxing, promise for marriage, or any other such methods; mutual consent was rather being encouraged. Whereas the European women were opposing all these means. – They were saying, “Prostitution is a form of violence, an obstacle to gender equality and an open door for organised crime to develop…. Therefore, procuring sexual intercourse by any means or enticement should be declared a crime. And the women who are in this profession should be taken out of it and rehabilitated.” (BBC Online, 4 December 2012). This campaign is still going on in entire Europe. According to information, its influence is growing day by day.

It’s a famous saying
It’s a famous saying that the fashion which becomes obsolete in the west enters our country with new pomp and show. We Indians allow with much glee the ways of life of which the westerners stand tired. The movement for liberation of women and sexual waywardness emanated from the west; it was basically a conspiracy of the lust of man and interests of businessmen and industrialists, but it was dubbed “women’s rights movement”. Now, when this movement having oppressed the fair sex is reaching its logical end and the western women themselves have raised voice against it, it is entering our land with much desire and gait. Man and women are being given free hand to indulge in sexual waywardness in the name of “live-in relationship”. Teenaged boys and girls are being spurred to go for sexual intimacy with the discussion on age limit for mutual consent; homosexuality is being granted legal sanction. – Let no one understand that the slogans raised after the barbarism perpetrated on a female student in Delhi were a campaign for protection of real honour and dignity of women; but rather what was desired was that no one dares to coerce girls and women; without it do whatever you want to, the government and society will have no objection.

What is the reality of the movement?
This movement against sexual waywardness in European countries is being run by more than two hundred organizations and groups working for women’s rights. The European Women's Lobby (EWL) is the biggest group which is leading the movement. This report of BBC does not make it clear whether this movement is basically against feminism; and when these women want total ban on every kind of procurement for sexual intercourse, what is the alternative before them? However, with the demands of the movement and its tone and temper, it can be imbibed that this is the direction of the movement and sooner or later this movement will stand openly against modern feminism. To it, the only way for sexual satisfaction is marriage. If it is not clear today, it would be later on. – And thus the followers of Islam can assert that the western woman having liberated herself from the lust of men is turning back to her nature and real freedom. However, those related to IT especially the youth should search further on the internet for thoughts and trends as well as activities of EWL and other groups. Exchange of information would also be useful in this regard.

04/04/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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