That was a Reporter’s shoe

In the aftermath of the incident of throwing shoe at Mr Chidambaram, some condemned the act and some favour it saying that was an act of expressing anger and grief. But there is another aspect of the incident. On April 7th the shoe was thrown at Chidambram by a Sikh, a reporter of a Hindi Daily, and was attending press conference representing the Hindi Daily. He was angry as Chidambram could not satisfactorily answered him about CBI’s clean chit to an accused in the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots and Massacres, and accused was still a candidate of Congress party in Election 2009 from a constituency in Delhi. Some people advise; ‘Journalist should control self emotions and note being non-aligned and sincere in reporting. A Journalist in his profession should not be emotional and rather be intellectual.’ This probably is a co-incidence, or Reporter Journail Singh might have been inspired by Iraqi Journalist, Muntazir Zaidi, who threw shoe at George Bush, expressing his anger and grief towards U.S. policy for Middle East. At that time people advised the same thing ‘as Journalists should think above their personal emotions or likes and dislikes.

An Advise to people who Advise
‘Some People’ and ‘Advisors’, suggestions are certainly true. But how good it will be, if they could advise the same to those Anchors and TV reporters who do not remain non-aligned and don’t think above self emotions especially in reporting terrorism, extremism and religous affairs.
They report with a cult mentality, and present TV programs with some aligned point of view.
Since last decade to prove the presence of “Islamic Terrorism”, the wave of unpleasant reporting is obvious. Can anybody would say that was accurate, unaligned and has any element of truth.?
That fact is, that to blame a specific group of citizen and a particular religion, police, so called secret service intelligence agencies and media are very much active aggressively. More over, government agencies give hints targeting some specific group of citizen, media builds huge assupmtions to support that. Instead of challenging the baseless stories of government agencies, media make them more sensitive and creates suspense to carry on.

Media is Biased
And not only just terrorism, extremism and religious affairs, Reporters are also aligned and bisaed in many other aspects. Every reporter got a particular political mentality and social angle, and does report accordingly. And whenever these reporters are unveiled in any matter, these ‘Advisors’ defend them saying, ‘Reporters are somehow part of the society anyway, they too got their own feelings and emotions’. That was o.k. if it were been just upto that extent. But these professional Journalists often sell themselves for money. They work for political parties and leaders after getting costly gifts, luxuries and huge amounts of money. Likewise the anti-muslim reporters and journalists in India, are under the influence of such ‘Sanghatans’ who are rich in resources and wealth. Advise to think above self emotions should be given to all reporters. Not only to those who throw ‘Leather Shoes’ but also to those who throw shoes of falsification and deliberately defame on account of untrue hostilities.
13/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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