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After the publication of Ashish Khetan’s article in the September 8 issue of Tehelka, detailing how he had exposed the killers and mischief-mongers of Gujarat 2002 one-sided riots through his investigative report in October 2007 and how he made them record on camera the details of their crimes, the readers of Tehelka wrote many letters published in the later issues of Tehelka, praising the courage and honesty of Ashish. In his report Ashish in fact had complained that the countrymen had not reacted to his report which had been prepared with extraordinary struggle and striving in the manner he and his colleagues had expected. In these letters the complain of Ashish was considered right. In the September 8 article of Tehelka the biased attitude of judges and high government officials was also dealt with in detail. The letter writers also welcomed this daring. Some letters of this sort are included in the October 6, 2012 issue of Tehelka. One of them has something extraordinary to say and it is this something extraordinary that is the subject of discussion here.

That extraordinary point

And that something extraordinary has been written by Dibya Mohapatra in her email. After writing that Ashish Khetan has “done a great service to mankind and specially to the people of India”, she has written, “We have made our people no more than animals and the animals in our country have no sympathy at all.” The letter writer has not explained her point of view but the context in which it has been said can be understood. The incidents of Gujarat 2002 are in backdrop, where man-looking beasts exhibited their extraordinary bestiality. Whatever might have been in the mind of the letter writer while writing that ‘we have made our people no more than animals’, it does reveal a fact that in this country there is a group which strives to affect the morality of citizens in a formal, organised and programmed manner. It teaches them how to tell lies, how to spread lies and how to believe in lies; it makes them unjust, and creates hatred and anger in their hearts and minds against the sections that fall from the pale of its oppressive social system.

Sources of animal-making

This work of making animals out of humans has been going on for a pretty long time with the help of textbooks and literature, by metamorphosing historical facts, with provocative slogans and speeches, through campaigns and rallies, and by exploiting media. The range of this campaign spreads right from labourers working in fields, farms and factories to high government officers, police personnel, policymakers, traders, industrialists and judges. In this situation generation after generation is prepared. When they step into the practical life, they display such kind of mentality. Gujarat was made the laboratory of this mentality. This is why when a train was set on fire at Godhra station in February 2002, and on this basis riots were flared up then the animals prepared in this laboratory did their work. Perhaps India is the only land of its kind in the comity of nations where a group having claims of patriotism strives for destruction of morality rather than construction of morality, as a result of which men become animals and according to Dibya Mohapatra animals have no sympathy with anyone. We don’t know how those who are talking of making this country a world power look at this situation.

13/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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